Third Reich Match Record

ResultOpponentRace ScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
LWide Spread PanicDark Elf0-3 2-158k110kBig Match(115)
LPharoahs of the PitchUndead0-2 2-270k60kBad dice, but fun game(124)
LMaidens of AvelornHigh Elf2-3 2-599k80kUp 2-0 at half, but bad dice in 2nd half killed us. Plus outcassed by demoralizing! (136)
DCelestial Thunder DancersHigh Elf1-1 6-269k80kfirst non-loss!!(141)
LNetherworld NightlordsUndead1-2 4-782k80kBad dice, including 6-man PI, even though we started very well(155)
LDeath from BelowChaos Dwarf1-2 1-758k50kHe rolled unbelieveably awesome for arm/inj, I didn't. End of story(153)
LDamage, Inc.Chaos1-4 2-472k50k1st turn PI again, and 2 bad blitzes, all in first half. Got to love that!(148)
LSlaversChaos Dwarf0-3 5-676k100kBuy necro adept...lotsa skills (166)
LWood Elf Weakness3 guesses0-5 5-689k80kBuy CW, lotsa skills, 2 rocks, lousy dice, 2/6 regen, but at least no PI's this game =\(180)
WSlinky's SkinksLizards3-0 3-378k50klotsa skills, buy wight, and yes! That really is "W" over there!(193)
WNasty Pointey Bitey OnesVampons3-0 5-085k0kIt was finally someone else's turn to get raped in a Reich Game, he had lotsa SI's, took a REAL nasty PI, (the one we took was wimpy), and on top of that, he was vamps =^P(195)
LAd UtrumpqueDark Elf0-1 4-671k0kGave winnings away. Good D and bad dice prevent win and then even the draw in the 2nd half (199)
WKarrantzaChaos Dwarves2-0 3-473k0kGave winnings away again. Good dice! (204)


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