Rivendell Rapiers

Race: Wood Elf
Coached By: Elrond (TJ Wesley)

#Player NamePositionmastagavPlayer SkillsijcptdincsvpspCost
1FeanorThrower7347Pass, S.Hands, Accurate, S.Throw, S.Arm 391  46290,000
2Celeborn GreycloakWardancer8357Block, Dodge, Leap, M.Blow, Tackle, Dauntless, AG+ 511 15173120,000
3Celebrian GreenleafWardancer8347Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, S.Ball, Dauntless 24 5549120,000
4Arwen (!)Catcher9257Catch, Dodge, +AG, Leap, Passblock  123 14790,000
5AnduinCatcher9247Catch, Dodge, Block, S.Feet, Dauntless 110   3190,000
6AnlynCatcher9247Catch, Dodge       90,000
7AragornHuman Blitzer7338Block, Guard 1   1690,000
8Composte OakeninnardsDryad6338Aspect*, Block  1  213120,000
9ElwingLine Elf7347Block, D.Tackle, Dauntless, Pro 54 745170,000
10Fingol IILine Elf7347Block, D.Tackle 11  21470,000
11IngweLine Elf7347Block, Guard, Sidestep 33 222670,000
12Legolas IILine Elf7347Block, Kick 12 132470,000
13LenweLine Elf7347Block, D.Tackle, Dauntless 33 533770,000
14Thicksap OakeninnardsDryad6338Aspect*    2 4120,000
15MaeglinLine Elf7347Block, D.Player, Dodge, Guard 24 2237370,000
16TreebeardTreeman *27110Block, S.Firm, M.Blow, T.Skull, T.Teammate    61 180,000
Team Name:Rivendell RapiersRe-Rolls:7x $50k =350k
Race:Wood ElfFan Factor:23x $10k =230k
Team Rating:334Assistant Coaches:1x $10k =10k
Treasury:0Cheerleaders:0x $10k = 
Coach:Elrond (TJ Wesley)Apothecary:1x $50k =50k
 Team Wizard:1x $150k =150k

Match Record

ResultRaceOpponentScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
WinDark ElfAvingarth Nighthawks2-10-239k0Charity Match, FF+2, Coach Kidnapped (105)
LossHumanRanger BN1-31-152k50kCrappy Dice, bought apoth,. FF- (111)
WinSkavenLongtooth Bonechewers4-23-165k90kBetter Offered Apoth, Big Match, FF+, Rebought Apoth (121)
WinChaosHerd O' Maulers2-13-364k120kBig Match Again!! (140)
WinDark ElfTwilight Tempests2-03-069k90kWD Jailed! Horkon KO'd the tree twice!! Got WD out, FF+ (145)
WinChaosHerd O' Maulers3-13-379k100k(160)
WinCh. DwarfGall Zztonezz2-13-283k70kGrudge Match, Ugly Win, All scores came in opponent's half (164)
DrawOrcButtmunchers2-22-260k20kHorrible 1st half, WD=AV6!! (170)
WinDwarfDreadnaughts3-11-265k80kGreat game, played with 0 WD, bought new one after (184)
WinUndeadIchor3-02-665k30kShows what 2 WD's can do! , FF+ (189)
WinCh. DwarfCrazy Contraption1-02-494k50kGood Game, but beginning of bad streak. 1st Elf death (188)
LossSkavenSinister Sewer Rats3-22-2111k50k#2 Magic Helmet, Good 1st half, bad 2nd half, 20K loan (192)
DrawDark ElfDisney's Outcasts2-24-9110k30k60K loan, money trouble, lots of CAS, looks bad(187)
DrawLizardmenFlint Harbor Geckoes2-21-071k110kBig Match, TBGT=Arwen, paid back loans, recovery game (202)
LossSkavenBlighters2-37-286k40k1's disease in 2nd half, Arwen +1AG, 25K loan from Drifter (214)
LossChaosChaos Patrol2-32-4136k20kPlayed whole game w/o tree, bad dice, only broke av when fouling (219)
LossDark ElfTormentors1-23-1124k30kBoy am I glad this season is ending...I need a new start. And new dice. (225)
LossSkavenR.O.U.S.2-33-3140k70k#9 died same day he earned his 3rd skill :\. Killed by blitz/bad dice/magic sponge in 2nd half. Special offer-Wizzo, Extra Trining-rr. FF+ (235)
WinSkavenHellpit Hellrazors3-23-284k80kOops, entry deleted!
WinChaosGuys With Horns5-03-4107k70kTree and Human Blitzer SI'd, otherwise great game. Ahoulda scored again in last turn but rolled double skulls. (263)
WinChaosBloodthirsters1-00-291k30kRecovery game. Pulled a Jim Marshall (ried to score on wrong end) DUH!! Borrow 20k from bugman to buy dryad. Yay!(272)
WinDwarfStonehead Stonefeet4-10-5122k40kNeed ANOTHER recovery game. Tree, Aragorn, and Dless, D.T. guy (#13) all MNG! Did however get int #2 for arwen, plus successfullly D.T.'d Deathroller. Cool! Divisional game. (278)!
WinDwarfThorak's Thumpers1-02-3113k60kIt worked, nobody mng. Close game, I had to use wizard to win. Bad dice, plus no rr 2nd half (doom/gloom)(289)
WinOrcDa Mouthsmashas4-02-9108k50kFF+, But bought Dryad (replacing #14 who died), 4 guys, including Arwen and Feanor mng, and I never used apoth :\ (293)
WinMinotaurForce Fed Cattle2-04-3109k40kHe prevented 3td's with cards, I rr'd an injury to save a dead mino. #2 AG+!! (299)
DrawOrcStone Warriors1-13-0128k40kCrappy dice game ends streak. Bought rr. 8 rr's wouldn't have been enough in this one though. ugh. (297)
WinNorsePutzberg Penguins1-02-4138k230kMerchandising, but unfortunately, the rest of my $$ was bribed outta me. 4 turn riot ends game, preserves win. It started real bad. (324)
WinChaosGuys With Horns4-14-3108k50kGood Game, not much to say. Dryand #6 got block (331)
WinChaosGuys With Horns4-11-4111k60kRecovery Time again...Treebeard, Arwen, and Dryad all mng. :\. Other than that, it went pretty smoothely, Arwen gets int#3 Bought RR. (331)
LossImperialImperial Strikers0-21-4128k01st loss of season, right before playoffs. Recoverygame. Gave all my winnings to Stetto, Ugly game. (332)
WinOgreBig Dudes------20kWon by forfeit, ff+ blech (336)
WinHumanScoring XTreme------50kWon by forfeit again :\. Traded leader elf to bjorn for 90k (bought catcher). (334)
LossChaosAmorous Goats1-2 (ot)0-4135k10kGood Game,. Good coach+great cards + bad elf dice were too much to overcome.FF- fired catcher after bad game, bought new one.(334)

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