Fang of the Nosferatu

Race: Vampire
Coached By: Tad Wesley
#Player NamePositionmastagavPlayer SkillsijcptdincsvpspCost
1Lord DaedalousVampire Lord65410Block, Dodge, HypnoGaze, Regen., Tackle, Frenzy 14 6130180k
2Brother MalkavRookie Vampire6448HypnoGaze, Regen., Off For A Bite 1   16110k
3Brother BrujahRookie Vampire6448HypnoGaze, Regen., Off For a Bite, Block 12 2116110k
4Brother VentrueRookie Vampire6448HypnoGaze, Regen., Off For a Bite 11   4110k
5Brother GangrelRookie Vampire6448HypnoGaze, Regen., Off For a Bite     15110k
6Dick MorrisChaos Beastman (Ally)6338Horns    1 260k
7Charles FarleyHuman Thrower (Ally)6338Pass, S.Hands, Accurate, S.Throw 7   11270k
8Marion BarryThrall6338     2 450k
9Mario Cuomo IIThrall6338     1 250k
10Ted KennedyThrall6338        50k
11DeeDee MyersThrall6338   1   350k
12Billary ClintonThrall6338        50k
13Jesse JacksonThrall6338 MN    1550k
14Ross PerotThrall6338D.Player    3 650k
15Michael KinsleyThrall6338        50k
16Leon PanettaThrall6338     1 250k
Team Name:Fang of the NosferatuRe-Rolls:3x $50k =150k
Race:VampireFan Factor:18x $10k =180k
Team Rating:195Assistant Coaches:2x $10k =20k
Treasury:0Cheerleaders:0x $10k = 
Coach:Tad WesleyApothecary:1x $50k =50k
 Team Wizard:1x $150k =150k

Match Record

ResultOpponentRaceScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights

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