Mongolian Cluster Flux

Race: Slaanesh Chaos
Coached By: Tad Wesley
#Player NamePositionmastagavPlayer SkillsijcptdincsvpspCost
1 Warrior54410AG+  2   6100k
2 Warrior5439     1 2100k
4 Warrior5439        100k
5 Beastman6338Horns, Big Hand, Block  4 3 1860k
6 Beastman6338Horns, Block, Claw  3 412260k
7 Beastman6338Horns    2 460k
8 Beastman6338Horns 1    160k
9 Beastman6338Horns, Block    11760k
10 Beastman6338Hornsmng 1   360k
11 Beastman6338Horns       60k
12 Beastman7338Horns, +MA, Block 111 11160k
14 Demonette6347Claw, HypnoGaze 2    2110k
16Lord BorakStar Warrior5539Block, MightyBlow, Leader, DirtyPlayer    41 160k
Team Name:Mongolian Cluster FluxRe-Rolls:2x $70k =140k
Race:Slaanesh ChaosFan Factor:13x $10k =130k
Team Rating:175Assistant Coaches:1x $10k =10k
Treasury:70kCheerleaders:0x $10k = 
Coach:Tad WesleyApothecary:1x $50k =50k
 Team Wizard:1x $150k =150k

Match Record

ResultOpponentRaceScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
WinEvergreen AvatarsWood Elves2-03-050k90kMH=#1, Spiros had bad dice, FF+ (113)
WinBlack DeathUndead2-02-264k110k#1 w/bullet, FF+ (127)
WinDa Bash BoyzOrc3-05-070k160kBribed Archon out of his money for saving his players, FF+, bought wizzo, 2 doubles and +AG on 3 rolls! (146)
WinDark StormNorse3-15-161k150k#1 w/bullet, bribed 20k out of him, finally gave up 1st td, but didn't use wizzo. Devotion to Slaanesh finally pays off...we got a demonette! FF+, that's 4 for 4! (164)
WinDark StormNorse2-04-170k70kIt wasn't me=7 Bad dice in 2nd half, he had bad dice in first half. Bought CW. (174)
LossGraceland DeadUndead1-30-562k120kI've had a bad week of BB, I think I musta made NBot mad. Sheesh. Anyway, it was all bad. Bought rr w/extra training. Fired CW#3. Got toad out of jail. Speaking of which, I actually used the toad spell (successfully) tonight!!! (175)