ResultOpponentRace ScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
 New Season
    New Season (Prev Season Record:3-6-2; Overall:17-11-2)
WEuskadiko HerritarrokDwarf2-12-5 140k40kFired #11 (after he got an av downgrade), saving $$ for FA. (313)
WLumberjack's BaneTreeman2-00-4 104k90kMH for #5!! Borrow 20k from Aurin for FA, FF+ (325)
WJell-O CrusadersSkaven2-03-1 154k30kGot kinda ugly. Killed one turn GR with Witch on first turn, apoth failed. It got worse for him after that. =^P Used money to pay Aurin back for loan. (328)
LSoshonell StalkersDark Elf1-32-3 165k60kFF+, Wizzo Failed, he rolled like a god against me (again)...this time I have no excuse though, I should have known better than to play python-bane :)...borrowed some cash from grambo after the game to bid on an FA beast to replace the sucky one I fired.(335)
LIrredescent LlamasChaos1-22-6 163k40kZaphod gets a helmet!! (then is SI'd) =\. FF+ The game started out REALLY badly, with GinSue getting ejected due to "I'll get you", which also caused a TO and gave him a chance to beat us senseless, which he did very effectively, for the whole game in fact. :)...#8 died, but fortunately, slurp was nice enough to give us the $$ to get an FA line elf. (339)
LWinds of LorenWood Elf2-66-3 119k50know the next blitzer is missing...=\ (#3), FF+. What an awful game. We rolled up 3 (!) Quick snaps for him, each of which made the difference for his catcher, allowing 1-turn scores. I rolled a 1 for cards again...and generally everything about this game sucked. Paid Grambo back(346)
DLowdown RatsSkaven2-22-3 160k20kNeither team really seemed to want to win, we both rolled very badly when it mattered...with the exception that he managed a 1-turn score at the end of the game despite having to dodge through guys with tackle in the pouring rain. =\ (353)
WBorn to Destroy YouMinotaur2-1 3-5110k0kGave money to Kergan for saving a thrower. ff+, 3-Dless. My cards sucked. Oh, and don't let opponents take GB's any more! (357)
WBovine Genome ProjectMinotaur3-0 3-3145k0kGave money to Cid for cards.(361)
LBroken SwordOrc1-30-6 163k70kwizzo missed, 2/9 ko rolls, and the rest of my dice sucked too (365)
WBruise BrothersOgre3-1 1-2121k0kff+ Gave money to Ogres. Finally had a game with good dice! He says I won with cards, but I only got 1 (lurve potion) and didn't use my do the math. :) (370)

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