ResultOpponentRace ScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
LRising DeadUndead1-2 0-156k60k6 man pitch invasion before game... ACK!!, TBGT Blitzer, bought apoth (118)
WPutzberg PenguinsNorse2-1 1-254k60kGood Game, Beast MNG, (Apoth failed) (tr 127)
LSwingersLizards3-4 1-349k190kMerchandising and #1 w/bullet. This was without question the worst dice game I have EVER been a part of, it was ugly, ask around. Blitzer +1ST, Tuern MNG (147)
WFiends of DoomDark Elf3-2 2-252k50kBorrowed $$ to buy 2 Extra trainings!! Played w/o Tullaris and still won vs. bigger team. Who says stars are too cool?? Good game, good caoch. (161)
WBloodthirstersChaos3-0 1-244k20kGreat, now I owe more $$....rolled a 1 for winnings, and paid Rakshasa 40K not to injure me in practice. (163).
WThorak's ThumpersDwarves2-1 0-364k130kDemo Game. All 4 kickoff events were bad kicks! :^P Good Game, Bought Wich Elf, FF+, (185)
LTNTNorse1-22-5 74k50kAwful game, Doom/gloomed first half, took 3 important si's, real bad dice. It was all bad. 2nd half was a lot better, but he had burst ball to stop tying score. I really should have won this game :\ (190)
WCereal KillersUndead3-0 9-155k100k#1 w/Bullet, awesome dice,. Had 3 cas in first 2 turns, no fouling! Steavis failed lots of regens, including dead and si'd mummies. I was missing 3 of my better players, but it didn't matter. Total opposite of last game (205)
WAmorous GoatsChaos2-1 2-766k20kCheck this out: #3 Blitzer hits 2db=double skull...rr=double skull. Armor/inj, no mods=dead. Apoth failed. :\ Another elf died too, plus 1 got a niggler and got fired. Ugly game, a little bad blood. Both the guys who died would have gotten skills. (182)
WSinisterium MaximumDark Elf 3-13-274k30kComments accidentally deleted. (185?)
LRagnarok!Norse3-4 2-471k60kPaid loan back. Awful dice in 2nd half, especially by the thrower, to give game away. I had Jay on the ropes at halftime! (183)
WHag Graef HellionsDark Elf 2-13-271k130kFF+, #1w/Bullet, ANOTHER dead blitzer, good game, good coach (199)
WBlueberry BustersHalfling 3-09-177k40kFF+, Bought vamp, my first ever experience vs. halflings, it's not my fault. (221)
WLoren OrcsmashersWood Elf2-1 3-282k100kXtra-training, #3 gets M.B. (again) Bought CW from Drifter after game,borrowed $$ for wizzo from lotsa guys, TR skyrockets!! (261)
WBugman's BrewersDwarf2-1 2-2120k30k1st round of N Divisionals, great game I should have lost. I did some dumb stuff (like give up a 1-turn score to dwarves!!), but managed to squeak it out anyway. FF+, (269)
WChaos PatrolChaos2-1 2-5152k20kDivisional Semifinals. FF+. Managed to survive 1-turn score shot from GR. #8 dies, #5 +ST!!! (263)
LFiends of DoomDark Elf2-3 1-6174k40kGood 1st Half (was leading 2-0), bad 2nd Half. Cas's became too much to overcome, as best Beastman died, and not enough elves on the field to stop the fiends.. After the game, team re-organizes to comply with rules changes. Star Tullaris leaves, and I use the money to replace dead people. TR drops 20 though (243)
 New Season
    New Season (Prev Season Record:12-5-0)
WSmukboyzOrc1-01-4 108k30kWeerd game, used wizzo in last turn to prevent draw. Blizzard all game. (251)
 New Season
    New Season (Prev Season Record:1-0-0; Overall:13-5-0)
WMidgard's ManglersOgre2-0 3-187k60kAwful pregame saw a 3player flu bug, and a witch elf injured in practice (had to apoth to save niggler)...and that was with 2mng ppl. Fortunately, actual game wasn't as bad, but 2mng guys again!!. Bought mino, fired vamp. ff+ (257)
WBrutal PeaceChaos2-0 2-2121k30kFF+, #12 dies, bought 2 cheerleaders (255)
LKarak Ungor ManglersDwarf1-2 1-2132k50kFirst ever loss to dwarves, Bad dice. Buy #12 (265)
DPelargir PaladinsHigh Elf1-1 1-3116k60k11 dies, witch elves playted well, wizzo failed, shoulda won. :) (265)
WKhaine's Killing KrewDark Elf 2-10-1111k50kreally strange game, 6 turn riot in my half. i still can't hurt people, he had lotsa td stoppers, but i still pulled it out anyway. :) Bought rr. 0-for6 on ko rolls(269).
LBrutal PeaceChaos1-2 1-2136k70kJust enough bad dice, at exactly the wrong times (wizzo missed for example) to lose. (278)
LHalikus DefinedHuman2-41-5 168k250kThis wizzo sux!! Doom/Gloom first, half, and we helped the cause of making me gloomier by rolling awful dice. 5 Elf Pitch Invasion didn't help much either. However, Adidas was more than generous, giving me 100k for the use of a reroll (to save -av on somebody) and 100k more for not playing bankruptcy. This put us over 300 TR, which means a Wood Elf team is on the way! (308)
LMoonersDark Elf 0-55-1133k40kFF+, At least the wizzo worked, the rest of the dice sucked all game. (297)
LSoshonell StalkersDark Elf 1-42-1122k60kI actually rolled a little better this time, but it didn't matter because Cidolfas rolled like a God... at least there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel though... plus I got 2 really great skill rolls...+ST for 10, and +AG for 12! rock on! Also, we sponsor a 50k bounty against any Gutter Runner playing for a chaos team. More to be added to that later! (300)
DKarak Ungor ManglersDwarf2-24-2 126k60kNot the most entertaining game I've played, and this was even though I rolled a lot better. We kinda got into a foulwar, since he didn't like my dirty player (even though he wasn't going to foul). Oh well, FF+, gave winnings to scott to save my witch elf.(310)
LSoshonell StalkersDark Elf2-3 3-4129k30kN. Divisionals, Round1. Great Game ...almost had it. If only my thrower could have picked up the ball that one time...or if he hadn't rolled so well all game...ah well. (314)
 New Season
    New Season (Prev Season Record:3-6-2; Overall:17-11-2)

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