Apocalypse Drow Record

ResultOpponentRace ScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
LSouth Park CowsReferee1-2 1-2?50kWhat a horrible dice game. only got 50k, enough to buy apoth (rolled 1 for winnings) (106)
WWesterburg WolfpacHuman3-1 3-181k230kNBot ate fozz for lunch, I got 2 Blitzes. ff+, #1 with bullet, bought 2 witches! (134)
WLumber CartelTreemen3-0 1-258k80kBorrowed 10k from Grambo for Ares, #5 gets blk (146)
LPretty in PinkChaos1-2 2-444k40kLine Elf #12 dies, #3 +ST! Good game, Stetto's wizzo was the difference. (146)
WMoot PointsDwarf2-0 1-153k40kBorrow 10k from Cris (repaid) to buy rr with extra training, #9 dies (team renumbered), 14-claw :) (144)
WHusquahrWood Elf5-0 1-052k50kPaid 1/2 $$ to prevent bankruptcy. He had only 5 elves playing, so it wasn't really a true representation of either team. (150)
DMean Green MachineGoblin2-22-3 55k60kTBGT-Thrower #12. Fired Beastman. (163)


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