ResultOpponent RaceScoreCasGateWinnings Notes & Highlights
WFlintSkinsOrc2-11-1 52k30kWe'z really got 100k, but that other git coach weezled uss outta 70 to heal Rick...Weez lucked out at the end to win it, but dat only made up fer da bad bonez we wuz rollin befor. Inspired chucka #1 gets skill, gobbo 15 'gits' 2. (105)
DLes NormandsNorse1-1 2-147k120kFailed GFI to win at end, had Merchandising, but the rest of my cards sukt. (120)
LWinterwood WardancersWood Elf 2-31-161k50kRoll 1 for winnings again!! Use Extra training for RR, Bought Blitzer, Well played game by both coaches. (132)
WMidgard's ManglersOgre3-0 2-172k180kExtra Training Again! #1 w/bullet, special offer, TBGT-Black orc, Blitzer +ST (174)
LMaximum CarnageCh.Dwarf0-3 1-254k20kHorrible dice game, capped by another 1 for winnings, and ff (-). Another Extra training means 6RR now!! At this rate, we'll have more rr than ff! TR was added wrong last time, too high. (167)
WEataine GuardiansHigh Elf4-0 1-065k60kBig Match, but bribed out of me to prevent bankruptcy, Great Dice all game, ff+, fired 2 more line orcs (172)
LValhalla VerminlordsSkaven1-3 0-460k110kff- Again! Stupid team can't break rat AV for anything, no cas again, I even got 3mng!! Demo game, bought BOB and Thrower (188)
WKKKDark Elf2-12-2 60k120kBig match, ff+, great game, lots of fun and good coach. 2 skills. Fired another Line orc.(197)
LMagritta BoilersHuman1-2 1-279k40kthese guys really need to get with the orc-ball matter how many guys i knock over, I can't hurt anybody !! oh well, at least my ff didn't drop. (203)
DRed CrossChaos2-20-3 73k100k#1 w/Bullet, MH to #16, still can't hurt anyone, FF+, bought wizard (217)
WKnaak's KneebitersDwarf1-0 2-462k0kRobbed. Apoth fails, Black orc dies. Held off the dwarves with 4 orcs at the end to win it. Sold Gobbo Vinny to Fazz for 150k, bought Ogre #14 to replace him. (213)
DGobbo Krewl KrewGoblin0-05-1 98k50kGobbos Invade Field before opening kickoff, injuring 5 orcs (4 were out the whole game). General dice ineptitude on both sides sealed the draw. Sold Vinny to Fazz for Ogre, Sold AG5 Line Orc to Kenny for rookie BOB. (225)
LGnaak's KneeknawersDwarf0-22-2 73k80kFinally 4 Blitzers and 4 Black Orcs!! Better Late than never! Somehow I had mis-added my player costs, too high...(219)


NEW SEASON (Prev. Season Record: 5-5-3)
WThe FallenUndead1-03-152k 100kMan something is (was) way wrong with the math somewhere! =^P FF+ (249)
WA Fine MessUndead2-15-1 122k50kWe likes to play undead...easy to beat up on...and crunchy in milk. So what if they all regenerate...just more to keep whackin'! (259)
WRed CrossChaos2-01-2 99k60kFF+ (!), Good Dice again! Put in order for FA blitzer...and now #1 in West Div! Things are really looking up for the ladz! (263)
DPhantom MenaceOrc0-04-2 71k30kuse $$ to pay off loan to Karate Kid. Bad dice at the wrong times prevented us from scoring on several occasions, even though he had way fewer players on the field most of the game. Defense is great... we just need to work on putting the ball in the endzone a bit more. (266)
LWinds of LorenWood Elf1-32-5 77k10kGot raped, had to happen to these guys again sooner or later...and the season was going so well. TI drops by like 200. FF+, fire line orc, buy cheerleader. (269)
LDoombringerzChaos Dwarf0-12-4 155k100kDice were REALLY erratic for both sides, and I had just enough go wrong for a while for him to score once. Ah well... at least he gave me his "Side bet" for some extra cash to throw at some bounties...ff+ (271)
WRolling ThunderHigh Elf2-13-0 (lost)40kkinda sad, both our apothecaries failed trying to save his players, so he forfeited and retired the team...not much else to say...FF+ (276)
WEuskal GudariakDwarf1-02-2 103k20kFF+, don't remember much else about the game. I do remember it being very close tho. (280)
LBrew Crew CultDwarf0-13-5 102k10kFF-, He had great cards, and I had the dumbest ogres in history (281)


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