Race: Orcs
Coached By: Joe Till-orc (aka TJ Wesley)
#Player NamePositionma stagavPlayer Skillsijcp tdincsvpspCost
1Blob Greasy Thrower5338SureHands, Pass, Accurate, Block, Safe Throw, Strong Arm
30 2
3362 70k
2Drue Bleeedz Thrower6338Pass, SureHands, Accurate, Dodge, MA+ 9    53470k
3Spike Allsnott Blitzer6439Block, +ST, Dodge, Pro, DivingTackle, Leader 18  846180k
4Red Woodstain Blitzer6339Block, Tackle, MightyBlow, Guard 11 112 3080k
5Gurug WoodfistBlitzer6339 Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, MightyBlow 27  234280k
6Willy BurrowsBlitzer6339 Block, Guard, Dodge, DirtyPlayer 13  443880k
7Steven Segal Black Orc4429Block, MightyBlow, DivingTackle, Guard     1186280k
8Chike Orkeafor Black Orc4429Block, Guard, MightyBlow
9Orc RoseBlack Orc 4429Block, MightyBlow, Guard
   12 44480k
10Chukie NwokorkieBlack Orc 4429Block, DivingTackle, MightyBlow     632780k
11ZgoninaLine Orc 6339Block, Guard, +MA
   25 2950k


13Goblin Alford Goblin6348Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Block, Catch, +AG, +ST 3 11  456 40k
14Boil-Orc SpecialOgre5529 Thick Skull, MightyBow, Block, Pro   1 13554120k
15PeeteOgre 5529Bonehead, Thick Skull, MightyBlow, Block, Pro     10440120k
16Raster RickCh. Dwarf43210Block, Tackle, ThickSkull, Guard, MightyBlow, Dodge, StandFirm, Pro
Team Name: Boil-Orc-Makers Re-Rolls:8x $60k = 480k
Race:OrcsFan Factor: 19x $10k =190k
Team Rating: 365Assistant Coaches:6x $10k = 60k
Treasury: 100kCheer leaders:1x $10k = 10k
Coach:Joe Till-orc (aka TJ Wesley)Apothecary:1 x $50k =50k
 Team Wizard:1x $150k =150k

Match Record

Team Pictures

Sound Effects

Sound#2:Respect my Authoritah!
Sound#3:When all other options have failed..."
Sound#4:TD Time!!
Sound#5:Should Have Been TD Time
Sound#7:Foul War!!
Sound#8:When the defense system isn't quite good enough,
or when they get perfect defense

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