Big Gay Aladriel's Big Gay Match Record

Race: Wood Elf
Coached By: Big Gay Aladriel (TJ Wesley)
ResultOpponentRace ScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
WRockwart VandalsOrc3-11-2 33k90kHall of Fame-#2, FF+ (10 total). Heroic Effort proves to be a VERY useful card as it saves WD, and game. Bought Apoth. Good game, nice (new) coach(114)
LBrother's KeeperChaos1-40-1 88k70kbad dice at the wrong times always got me...I think Cid somehow has some sway over Nbot, this always happens when I play him :\ Ah well, at least I rolled skills well. I had 2 elves (15 and 16) get guard! Also, bought Xtra Training for Big Gay Reroll! Yeah!(121)

New Season

New Season (Prev. Season Record:1-1-0)
LMan with BriskDark Elf0-21-2 50k90kBad news: Both cards were Extra Training Good News: I borrowed 40k from Cid and bought em both. Bad News: He rolled better dice with 1rr per half than I did with 5. :\ (138)
WTemple of BoomChaos Dwarf2-0 1-353k60kI actually rolled pretty well this time (thanks to the 5 rr, I used em all both halves)...but it all worked out pretty well when I needed it...nice change of pace! David Bowie comes out of closet and joins team (144)
LAlzeth AtrocitorsDark Elf1-31-2 49k130kBig Match. #7 Dies. Rock Hudson comes out of closet. 1st half was just fine (with the exception that on the 1st hit of the game...Wham! George Michael dies), but in the 2nd Half Prince decided to suck, and my dice just plain went south. I went from recieving to start the first half tied 1-1 and outnumbering him, to wondering what good all those re-rolls really were, since they always failed just as badly as the first roll. (151)
WCranetown MountiesBrettonian2-0 1-171k70kMagic Helmet (Rasberry Beret) for Prince!! Woohoo!!. Otherwise decent game. We actually rolled worse than it looks, even with our 5rr it was tough to keep up. It's just a good thing Bret's aren't as cheesy in BB as they are in WHFB! (162)
LClan RigensSkaven1-41-4 51k20kI thwear, Nbot is THOOOO homophobic...we can't win two games in a row because we get raped every other time. Pluth he had great cards and dice (165)
WIrredescent LlamasChaos4-20-3 74k40kSlurp didn't have great dice, and not enough rr. Fun game, Llamas are cool! (173)
WGernika AritzTreeman5-02-4 61k70klotsa skills, ff+. Catcher gets 15 spp (1 comp, 3td, mvp)!! Buy thrower (186)
LBrainlessOrc1-20-474k 30knbot is definitely homophobic...he raped us in the 2nd half, without even the common courtesy of a reacharound. our rerolls are useless, we just re-fail. buy catcher. moose was nice enough to donate his winnings so we could do it. (195)
DSaviours of LorenWood Elf2-26-0 79k140kFun game, we both had td-stopping cards, and nbot was definitely fickle. I got 6 cas! My WD with MightyBlow used it well, getting 3 all by himself! Got lots of money by bribing him out of cards, and selling my apoth to him. Fire Freddy Mercury (208)

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