The Referee team

The Referee team

Position#CostMASTAGAVSkillsSkill Availability
General Only
Side Judges0-640,0006238
General Only
Line Judges0-270,0005339BlockGeneral, Strength
End Zone Judges0-270,0007237Catch, DodgeGeneral, Agility

Allies: None...Everybody hates refs!

Special Rules:

Once Per half.. a Ref Coach may adjust an Argue the Call roll by 1

Instead of a Wizard.. a ref team may hire a RULES LAWYER.. at the same cost as a Wizard.
Once a game the Rules Lawyer may do the following:

Referee Secret Weapon: Groundskeeper

A referee team may have one groundskeeper. Rules for it are the same as for the Dwarven deathroller. The groundskeeper does not have a penalty roll, as the referees claim that they are just evening out lumps in the field (even if they do happen to be MOVING ones!). HOWEVER, before each kickoff after which the groundskeeper has been used, your opponent rolls 2d6. On a roll of 8 or more, the groundskeeper has thrown a gear, and may not be used for the rest of the match, after which time they can call a Dwarf to come fix it.
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