The Norse team

The Norse

Position#CostMASTAG AVSkillsSkill Availability
Lineman0-1260,000633 7BlockGeneral only
Thrower0-280,000633 7Block, PassGeneral, Passing
Huscarl0-490,000533 8Block, DauntlessGeneral, Strength
Berzerker0-2100,000733 7Block, FrenzyGeneral, Strength
Snow Troll0-2110,000451 8Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Gosh it's Hot*General, Strength
Special Rules: *"Gosh it's Hot" negative skill--This player is unaccustomed to playing in warmer climes. Treat as Bonehead, in most circumstances, with the addition that players with this skill may not play at all during "Sweltering Heat" conditions.
Ally availablitity: At team creation choose to be either "good" norse, or "evil" norse, then use the ally list for your team type: Plays for: Chaos, Human, Dwarf

Star Players

(source=Citadel Journal)

NamePlayer TypeMASTAGAV SkillsCost
Wolfhowl BlacscarBerzerker643 7Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Dauntless, Mighty Blow 160,000
Icepelt HammerblowSnow Troll461 9Regenerate, Block, Mighty Blow160,000

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