The Lizardman team

The Lizardmen

Position#CostMASTAGAVSkillsSkill Availability
Temple Guard0-290,0007339BlockGeneral, Strength
Skinks0-4100,0008248Dodge, JumpUpGeneral, Agility, Passing
Kroxigor0-2120,0005529Cold Blooded**, Mighty BlowGeneral, Strength

Allies under new JJ rules: Savage Orc, Chaos

**Cold Blooded--This creature takes a little more to get going. Treat as ogre's Bonehead negative skill, with an addition: These players may not even take the field under blizzard conditions.
Note: If the weather changes to a blizzard on a kickoff, remove the player and replace him with another player. You may not make this exchange the other way, if the weather changes from a blizzard to something else during the kick. You must wait until the next drive.


Krox Nog200,0006639Block, M.B., Thick Skull
Lord Hisscrank140,0006439Block, Frenzy

Have a look at a (more or less) developed lizardmen team under these rules, my Komodo Dragons.

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