The Khemri team

The Khemri

Position#CostMASTAG AVSkillsSkill Availability
Skeleton0-1230,000532 7RegenerateGeneral only
Wight0-290,000633 8Block, RegenerateGeneral only
Tomb Guard0-2100,000733 8Block, Tackle, RegenerateGeneral, Strength
Tomb Prince0-2120,000643 8MightyBlow, Immortal*General, Strength
Special Rules: *immortal: this player does not regenrate as normal. Instead, each break in action roll a die. On a 3+, the model is moved down the injury chart one place, i.e. a dead model is placed face up and seriously injured. This cannot ever be rerolled, and a model still injured at the end of a match is treated like any other model in the dead and injured box.

*Khemri teams may not have apothecaries or wizards. In place of a wizard, may hire for 100k a liche priest, who may once per match reroll a failed regen or give one player regen for remainder of match. this may be done at any point in the match.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Khemri teams do NOT have the same special rules as undead teams, only those stated here. For instance, a Khemri team may not Raise the Dead once per game, nor are its' players dependant on their coach for their regeneration

Ally Availability:

May Take: Vampire, Dark Elf, Chaos
Plays for: Undead, Vampire, Dark Elf, Chaos

Star Players

NamePlayer TypeMASTAGAV SkillsCost

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