Chaos Demon Rules

Chaos Demon Rules

(From Citadel Journal)

A Chaos team must be dedicated to one of the four major Chaos powers when created. Chaos teams which wish to use Demons must have a wizard on their staff. The Demons will disappear if the wizard is killed or leaves without being replaced before the next game.

All Greater Demons are considered peaked for the purposes of gaining skills. Minor demons are allowed to get General and Strength skills at half rate, except for the Minor Demons of Tzeentch, who operate as follows: Pink Horrors get General and Agility skills at half rate, and Blue Horrors can not get SPP's. SPP's gained by a blue horror do not carry over to the pink horror.

All Demons except the Bloodthirster have a Demonic Aura. The Aura prevents all modifiers from being applied to armour rolls against the Demon.

Minor Demons are dispelled if badly hurt, seriously injured or killed. Greater Demons are dispelled if seriously injured or killed. Remove dispelled Demons from your roster.

Greater Demons have penalty rolls, like secret weapons and fill a Star Player slot on your roster.


0-1Bloodthirster240,00068310Block, B.Tackle, D.Player, M.Blow, C.Armor8+


0-2Plaguebearers120,0006437Horns, Foul Appearance
0-1Great Unclean One230,0003719F.Appearance, M.Block, T.Skull, S.Firm, Stream of Corruption*9+
*Stream of Corruption: Replaces block or blitz action. Place lightning bolt template from Demon. Players half or more under must make an dodge roll or fall and take armour rolls. Players do not actually leave their squares.


0-2Deamonettes110,0006347Claw, H.Gaze
0-1Keeper of Secrets230,0006739Block, Claw, X.Arms, Horns, M.Blow, Aura of Slaanesh*8+
*Aura of Slaanesh: Within the demon's tackle zone, any attempted action fails horribly unless preceeded by a successful base AG roll.


0-2Pink Horrors120,0006337B.Hand, Stunty
---Blue Horrors*-------6236B.Hand, Stunty
0-1Lord of Change240,0006749JumpUp, Leap, Passblock, Leader, Random Event**7+
*Pink Horrors aren't dispelled, but are replaced by two Blue Horrors, one in the Pink's square, the other D6 in a random direction. Blue Horrors may not gain SPPs, and if both are dispelled, the pink is dispelled. Otherwise, the Pink Horror returns next game as the Blues merge. If the second Blue is the 12th player on the pitch, roll D6. On a 1-3 one is sent off for the match.

**Random Event: The Lord of Change may draw a Random Event at any kickoff for which he is on the field. It is played as normal so long as the demon is on the field, and discarded if the demon is sent off, dispelled or banished.

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