Araby BB Teams

Araby Teams

Position#CostMASTAG AVSkillsSkill Availability
Beduins0-1240,000633 7
General only
Thrower0-260,000633 7PassGeneral, Passing
Dervish0-490,000733 7Frenzy, DauntlessGeneral, Agility
Eunucks0-280,000442 8BlockGeneral, Strength
Sheikh0-1120,000733 8Block, Dauntless, JumpUpGeneral, Agility
Ally availablitity: At team creation choose to be either "good" arabs, or "bad" arabs, then use the ally list for your team type: Plays for: Chaos, Human, Dwarf

Star Players

NamePlayer TypeMASTAGAV SkillsCost
SinbadDervish743 7Frenzy, Dauntless, Block, Sidestep, JumpUp 150,000
Ali BabbaSheikh834 8Block, Dauntless, JumpUp, Sprint, SureFeet, Tackle, Pro 180,000
Note: Sinbad will only play for good arab teams, and Ali Babba will only play for Evil ones.
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