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Welcome to the NAL. I have created this league for several reasons: So, if and/all of this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, send me an email at wesleytj@yahoo.com. Include a url for a roster you've created, and I'll put you in one of our two fabulous divisions. Incidentally, there is no difference between any of the divisions, and you may play games vs. teams in either. I just created them to make the lists a little shorter, they were starting to get somewhat long.

Note: The NAL reserves the right to refuse entry into the league by any coach, for any reason it wishes. It need not make this reason known. The League may also ban a coach and remove their team(s) on a similar basis. If you don't like it, please visit our complaints page and fill out a form.

Final Note: I have added two assistant commisioners. Their online handles are Fazz and Steavis. Between the two of them, and me (python), you should be able to go to channel #lockerroom (irc server rollingrock.altnet.org) just about anytime, and somebody will be able to get your NAL team approved right away!

Good Luck, and happy gaming!

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