The Chronicle of Lord Zaphod

Here begins the Story of Lord Zaphod Beeblebrox, the Seemingly Undying, in his campaign in the newly discovered region known as "Ankathenemon". We made landfall after many long and arduous days at sea on the Black Arks "Apocalypse" (my flagship), "Armageddon", and "Doom", in a land I have named "New Naggaroth", but which the natives of the region apparently call "Cilicia". Or rather, they did. After we quickly and easily took over the region and made it our own, they now call it "Hell"...the ones unlucky enough to have survived, that is. Thus began our campaign on this land.

After we made landfall, and set about order in our new capital land, I felt it was important that we know what we were up against. We needed to know where everyone else that was coming here had landed. I gathered my seers together, and after a few ritualistic sacrifices, a map of the area began to mystically appear on the floor before us, showing the locations of our enemies, and potential allies, as well as our geographic location and spatial relationship. We saw Chaos Warriors to the North (no surprise there), more Dark Elves to the Northeast, Dwarves and Wood Elves to the Far East, and Chaos Beastmen to the Southeast. But most importantly, there were High Elves directly to our West!

Our goal now set clear before us, we now set about the work of building an empire capable of sustaining a war against our hated brethren. We knew of course that our stores in the Black Ark, already somewhat low after the voyage, would not be nearly enough, nor would the area directly around the newly created capital of our new Empire...which I have decided to call "Apocalypse Drow", in honor of our main Black Ark.

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