Scouting Rules

Information is vital in Ankathenemon, just as in any other good military campaign. If you doubt that, read Sun Tzu's Art of War sometime. The campaign setting here is no different. To get information about neighboring territories and armies, the following scouting rules have been developed.
As a part of its seasonal turn orders, and banner may send out a portion of it's troops to scout one or more territories adjacent to the banner, for a variety of information types.

The following troops types may be used for scouting operations:

* Pseudoscouts are bought like ordinary troops, but are not fielded in battle. They cost 10 points each, and are neither elite nor non-elite troops. They are always considered unfieldable baggage train. They may only be used in scouting operations, and must always be rolled for as casualties in any battle their banner participates in.

The amount, and quality, of information you get back (if any), is dependant on the number of points you send, doubled. A percentile roll is made, with at least a 5% chance of failure. (Example: Lord Zaphod, The Dark Elf General, sends 2 harpies {44 points} on a scouting mission into a neighboring territory. This gives Lord Zaphod an 88% chance of receiving good information {44*2=88}. However, the GM botches Lord Zaphod's scouting roll, and the harpies report back that there are many delicious looking rabbits in the territory. Stupid harpies!)

You may send seperate scouting missions for the following tasks:

*Fog of War: Special circumstance that occurs in Spring. Due to the fact that most armies have been sitting in the winter, there is a bit of uncertainty regarding the enemies positions/forces/disposition. To reflect this, any battles fought in Spring have a 3 in 6 chance of being affected by "Fog of War", which means that both sides have to set up blindly. Place an opaque block of some sort (curtain, piece of wood, whatever) in the middle of the board, and have both armies set up their forces. Then remove the block. If one side or the other moved in Winter, then this roll is skipped.

Note: All scouts are lost after each mission. Alternatively, you could roll for them as casualties with no modifier as described in the battle section.

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