General Rules

Army Lists:
Army Lists must be turned in at the following times: Army Lists must Include: Troop Points are those points which are not spent on Characters, War Machines, or Seige Equipment.

Baggage Train Points are those points which are currently unfieldable due to a unit taking too many casualties such that it is no longer legal, or the army size shrinking such that a certain pick is no longer available (For Example, if your current banner size is 2500 points and you have 3 rare choices, one must be moved to the baggage train, players choice.)

Miscellaneous Army Rules:

Turn Order
  1. Orders Submitted
  2. Check if reinforcements are scheduled to be built in owned territory
  3. Remove scouts from banners
  4. Move Banners
  5. Receive Scout Reports, Casualty %, and move results
  6. Take Casualties for moving, if any
  7. Check if army in territory is sufficient to take territory (must have more fieldable regiment points than size of territory)
  8. Fight Battles
  9. Move Retreats
  10. Reinforcements arrive if in a still owned and not-enemy-occupied territory

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