Rules for each race

Brettonia Special Rule--Peasant Recuiting: May recruit men-at-arms and squires while on the move, even into enemy territory. Trade War machine picks for character picks.
Chaos Beastmen Special Rule--Raiding: Raid all adjacent territories for d6% of their value. If a banner is adjacent to a beastman territory in winter, they pay an extra 10% upkeep. Trade Monster picks for rare picks, but these can only be used for Minotaurs. Player may opt to take a leadership test to prevent raiding.
Chaos Dwarf Special Rule--Enslavement: Every man-sized model (15 mm base) that dies permanently may have been taken captive instead. Chaos Dwarf players rolls for each, on a 4+ he recieves a slave equivalent to a hobgoblin with hand weapon, light armor and a shield.
Chaos Warrior and Demon Special Rule--Taint of Chaos: Any land that they own provides nothing to non- chaotic invaders until the NEXT spring, as they have befouled it.
Dark Elf Special Rule--Assassination: You may send your assassin to go scouting into a territory. However, he does not bring back information, but attempts to kill an enemy character. Roll a D6, on a 1 the assassin is permanently killed as he attempts to infiltrate, on a 2-6 he may (must) attack a character. You may choose the assassin's targets only by the following designations: wizard, hero, wizard lord, or lord.

The assassin fights 2 round of hand to hand combat with the chosen character. (If there are multiple enemy characters present under the same chosen designation, the gm will determine the target randomly). The assassin and character then fight with no mounts or monstrous mounts. The assassin strikes first on the first round of combat, round 2 by normal combat rules.

If after the 2 rounds of combat the assassin has killed his target, he (the target) gets away. If not, roll a D6: On a 1-3 the guards rush in and kill the assassin. Otherwise he gets away to fight another day. Note that if the assassin is used in this way he may not participate in any other combat that season. If an enemy character is killed in the same turn that the assassin's army clashes with it, the dark elf player recieves victory points for the character. If the character survives, but is wounded, they are not healed until AFTER any battles are fought that turn.

Dogs of War Special Rule--Outside Support: You pay no upkeep.
Dwarf Special Rule--Dwarven Mines: May tunnel through mountains. The cost if 15% of the army's value in gold. This takes an additional season, see water crossing.
Empire Special Rule--Expendable Troops: You don't lose as many troops to casualties. Any CORE troops you roll casualties for get a +1 bonus on the roll to represent how easy it is to replace them.
High Elf Special Rule--Citizen Levy: High elves defend their territories with 150% of the territory's size as a defensive force. However, this must be composed entirely of core troops, character points, and magic items (where they are available)
Khemri Special Rule--Floating Scrolls: Scrolls are not assigned to a specific character when they are purchased, as other items are. Also, every banner in the Khemri army recieves a free war machine pick, usable only for chariots.
Lizardmen Special Rule--Knowledge of the Future: You can see bits of the future. You may use this ability to write a single conditional into your orders. It must be a simple if-then statement. (Examples: If Opponent X moves to B, Then I move to C. If I will find more Champions in Territory Q, I will go there instead of where my original orders indicate. If there is a castle in Territory Z, I will stay here.)
Orcs and Goblins Special Rule--Cannibalism: You may sacrifice goblins. Whenever an orc army takes casualties not in battle (move in winter, etc) it may take half the alloted amount in goblins. They eat them, use them as snowshoes, or hats, etc. (Example: an orc army moves in winter, and takes 20% casualties, in this case 200 points. They may either pay 200 gold or lose 100 points of goblins.)
Skaven Special Rule--Tunnelling: You may build tunnels. Skaven may move under mountains at a cost of 10% of the banner size in casualties (Skaven tunnels are much more dangerous than dwarven ones). This takes an extra turn, see water crossing.
Vampire Count Special Rule--Raise the Dead: You may reinforce from your opponents casualties. You may raise one zombie or skeleton for every model permanently killed in the opposing army. Characters become Wights or Wight Lords.
Wood Elf Special Rule--Guerilla Defense: Your citizens are hard to flush out. Opponents need 1.5 times the size of the territory in troop points to take over your territories instead of just 1.
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