Battle Rules

Before the Battle Starts:
The Battle itself: The Battle is fought using standard Warhammer Fantasy Battles Procedures. Use the "Pitched Battle" scenario (Scenario #1 in the Warhammer Rulebook) as the default, with the following exceptions:
Castles and Seiges in Ankathenemon: Each player's starting territory (capital) contains a castle. These are the only castles on the map at the beginning of the game (Unless you have a truly evil GM).

A player may opt to build another castle in a territory he controls at any time. However, the cost is 1000 gold, and the castle takes 1 full year (4 turns) to complete. If at any time during those 4 turns the player loses control of the territory, the money is forfeited and the castle project is lost. Once placed, a castle may not be destroyed by any means.

The Seige rules for victory are used. Due to the extremely bloody nature of seiges, if either side has more quadrants than the other, they are winner by "Massacre". If not, it is a "Draw". These are the only 2 outcomes possible in a seige battle.

After the Battle is Over:
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