Hi, my name is Michael Cranick

I'm a sophomore at Indiana State University with a double major in Anthropology and Humanities.

This page is basically an odessy through my imagination. A lot of my friends have been asking me to get online and put some of my writing and just goof off so here it is! Take care and have fun.

A lot of my writing consists of science fiction/fantasy type epics, my baby right now is a book I call 'The Soul of Yggdrasil.' The whole concept revolves around using good friends of mine as characters in order to flesh them out.

The concept behind it pulls from the mythologies of Greece with heavy Christian influences and a whole lot of imagination! I think it's your typical good vs evil, light battles darkness story with one exception...the fate of everything lies in the hands of twenty-one children born from amongst fourteen races.

What I intend on putting online is mostly character sketches for those friends who are involved, and indepth explanation of the plot. I'll probably go into detail on the factions and powers, as well as the Races involved in this mini-world which is called Diam.

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