• Sinister Exaggerator by The Residents, as played by Primus on “Misc. Debris”
  • Tabbed by Jim Wade
  • Main Riff
  • G ----------------------------------------------|
  • D ----------------------------------------------|
  • A ----------------------------------------------|
  • E -6\(3)--------6\(3)--------7/9-9--------6\(3)-|
  • Main Riff Varient
  • G ----------------------------------------------------------|
  • D ----------------------------------------------------------|
  • A ----------------------------------------------------------|
  • E -4/6h\(3)--------4/6h\(3)--------7/9h-9-9--------4/6h\(3)-|
  • After the vocals, Les begins (on his six-string fretless) to tap the riff with his left hand while adding all kinds of slides and taps with his right, much like the chorus of “To Defy the Laws of Tradition.”
  • Your life is leaning downhill
    Sloping off the outer edge
    Your undetermined oyster beds
    Were found to be a hedge
    You cause the kids of Elmer Fudd
    To feed the farmer whose
    Cadaver's filled with onion rings
    And feet are filled with glue

    Now sinister exaggerator
    What's your claim to fame?
    Is still your favorite Ferlingetti
    Found in Auntie Maim?
    Your alter life is superceded
    Only from above
    Your hear is like a silken sponge
    That calls saliva love