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The Bob C. Cock Circus of Pain

Thursdays nights @ 8:30 to 10 on WMHD 90.5

 Now you can listen to our show over the internet in streaming Real Audio. To do that, click here for the webpage of our station, WMHD, the Monkey. Remember, our show is broadcast at 8:30 PM on Thursday in Indiana. So you do the math and figure out when that would be in your area.

    Salutations, my name is Jim Wade, although my DJ name is Captain Shiner, and my Bullboard name is SNAP. I’m the one in the “Suck on This” shirt, DJC to my left. But that’s not important, what is important is music. It’s all about music, music and Bob Cock. In September of 1996, “The Bob C. Cock Circus of Pain” aired for the first time on the radio station of the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. The crew consisted of myself and my best friend, Roger (MC Harold) with a cast of reoccuring characters and guest, including Caleb (at the time “DJ Wilson” host of another show on the station, “The Pleasure Domes.”) and others. The show was started because like many Primus fans, we believed (and still do) that Primus doesn’t get enough attention. So we play several Primus and Primus-related songs per show, as well as other bands that we think deserve attention, with tons of bad jokes and gags thrown in.

     Sometime in February 1997, Bob C. Cock called the show and we did the on air interview thing. It was quite the experience, but we sounded like morons. The text of that interview is available here. As time went on, we gained a small audience that were die-hard Primus fans, or knew of us as the guys that played Mr. Bungle, or the guys who spent several minutes bashing Korn just to piss everyone off. We’ve also gotten in trouble for attempting to be “mixmasters” on the turntables.


At the start of the ‘97 school year, we got screwed out of our time slot, and due to work and such I was unable to do the show for the first trimester, and MC Harold went away to school. The Circus was saved by Caleb, who took the helm of the show and eventually his new name, DJC. When the new schedule was made, we were

back on Thursdays and back in business. It was a beautiful time and much trouble was caused. Not long ago we played Alice Cooper records backwards while fading in “MMMBop” to prove that Mr. Cooper predicted the creation of the satanic minions that are known as Hanson, this segment really pissed off some lady, but y’know you can’t meet everyone’s expectations. The show has just returned to the airwaves in attempt to drive more youngsters to defiant lifestyles. I’ll try and keep you updated on what’s happening with everything, hopefully Bob will call back soon... Oh yeah BOB COCK FOR PRESIDENT.


4-23-98 Paid homage and respects to Faith No More, which disbanded this week.                              Passed along rumor of Helmet breaking up as well, mention the release of the new Dave Matthews album. Recieved requests for Mr. Bungle! Played “Silly Putty” by Stanely Clarke. Possible T-shirts for the show with the “Bob for President” image on the front, email me if you’d be interested in buying one. Also, the rumor is that we may be able to broadcast over the internet at the start of next school year, I’ll keep you posted.

4-30-98 CANCELED Some genious thought that it would be good to power down the station at 5:00 in the afternoon. Because of technical reasons, it stayed that way for the rest of the night.

5-7-98 Back on track. Played MIRV, Primus, Dave Matthews Band, Mr. Bungle and such. Tried out new songs from stabbing Westward, Clutch, and God Lives Underwater. the station still hasn’t got the Jerry Cantrell album. Almost had a suprise appearance by MC Harold, but he backed down at the last minute. (spineless turd.) Maybe next week.

5-14-98 Had extensive on air interview with Prawn Song code boy supreme, Dick Rush. After that, I rested, leaving DJC to make most of the musical selections for the rest of the show. Lots of stuff that doesn’t get played because I’m a mic hog. Next week is the last show of the season, but it looks like we don’t have a big bang to go out with.

5-21-98 Well, it’s over. Final show of the term. Nothing real big happened. We tried out a lot of new stuff that we hadn’t heard. Ended the show with “Broken Hearts are for Assholes.” by Frank Zappa, it was only fitting. Start back up in August.

9-10-98 We’re back! The studio has been redesigned and is now much more comfy. Played lots of Primus, MIRV, Incubus, King’s X, Clutch, Laundry, and such. We spent a lot of time babbling over the air because we hadn’t done it in a while. I really don’t think anyone was listening because of the gay ass MTV music awards. Oh well.

9-18-98 Played lots of Incubus, cause at the time I was supposed to go and see them next day, but that fell through. This Danny Elfman CD is great, because other than being amazing music, it provides us with a different theme song to begin each show with. This week we started with the “Tales from the Crypt” theme, with the DJ from the show before did the Crypt Keeper laugh at the end, it was pretty humorous. The coolest thing we played was Apocolyptica “Plays Metallica by Four Cellos” We played Master of Puppets, and it just blew my mind, it sounded so cool. The rumor is that we should have a Real Audio server soon, so you can listen over the internet. I’ll keep you posted.

9-25-98 Same old stuff.

10-1-98 We played some stuff from the new Soul Coughing album, which is pretty good. Also, the new Rollins video and CD were released. I couldn’t play anything from it on the air because of Rollins’ potty mouth, but I highly recommend these items to everyone.

10-8-98 No show.

10-15-98 We played the same shit we always play, with some strange 80’s songs that C slipped in when I wasn’t looking. This show also featured the first phone call from the woman that I have dubbed “Pyscho Hippie Chic.” She called and requested some Bob Marley (which I fucking hate), but we didn’t have any in the station since most of the vinyl is still not done being indexed. So then she requests Prodigy!? (I hate them too.) We actually have something from them, but I told that we didn’t.

10-22-98 Pyscho hippie chic call number two, “Duuude, can you, like, play me some Blur? I want to hear “Song 2”. I then left the phone uncovered and loudly asked DJC if we had that MTV song by Blur. Without looking he said no. Her second request was for Bob Marley. I get to see Rollins speak in St. Louis on Sunday.

10-29-98 A lot of the vinyl was returned to the station, so we ended up playing a couple of Zappa tunes, including “Broken Hearts are for Assholes.” DJC did some amazing turntable remixes of DJ Lyte, but we didn’t do it over the air, because the techno people at the station get pissed if mess with the turntables. There was a bad storm outside and we lost power for a few seconds. Pyscho Hippie Chic called and requested...that’s right, Bob Marley. I played a track off a radio-friendly version of Rollins’ new CD, Think Tank. Afterwards, C beat me at Foosball (That’s probably misspelled.) and now leads me this season 5 games to 2.

1-28-99 Another season is well in swing. We have done many shows, but this my first update due to my state of mind as of late. The show is actually doing very well, probably better than ever. We just got a new computer in the studio which allows listeners to send requests via email, plus the RealAudio server they had been talking about for the last two years was finally hooked up. So go here for the email and Real Audio of the station.