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Tales from the Punchbowl

FACT: Released in 1995, featuring a well rested Primus, as Les had just finished recording and touring with Sausage and Herb had done the same with Laundry.

OPINION: This is the most progressive Primus album to date. It also has seems to have a more crisp digital fell to it and appears to have a reoccuring animal theme throughout. (Beavers, Pachyderms, Parrots, Farms...) The final official release featuring Herb. Hearing the contrast between this album and the Brown Album makes it easy to understand that Herb wanted Primus to go in another direction musically than Les and Ler did.

Professor Nutbutter’s House of Treats

  • LYRICS: C'mon kiddies gather round.
    Who's your foremost friend in town?
    From main to maple the name resounds,
    Professor Nutbutter.
    He's the one, the humble one,
    the Barkley County prodigal son.
    Here to serve only you,
    Professor Nutbutter.
    At old Nutbutter's house of treats
    from jellied jams to sacks of sweets,
    There's creamy and nutritious spreads for all.
    Chemist, master of entomology
    the professor for a modest fee
    Will cure what ails you,
    guaranteed Professor Nutbutter.
    It's alright, don't fear the worm.
    C'mon kiddies don't be shy
    be youthful til the day you die.
    The man, the myth,
    the magic of Professor Nutbutter.
    He's the one the only one
    the Meeklybville prodigal son.
    Here to help us with ourselves,
    Professor Nutbutter
    It's alright to fear the worm.
    It's alright to fear the worm.
    The worm, the worm is our friend 
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Mrs. Blaileen

  • LYRICS: Mrs. Blaileen - she was a sixth grade teacher
    And she controlled the children
    By using humiliation.
    The target always seemed to be Donny.
    He was a bit slower than the others.
    When he was quite young
    His mother died at the kitchen table
    While choking on some food.
    The fashion of the day
    Was bleach and tied Levi's.
    Donny decided to make some,
    But he didn't know to rinse them.
    So he came to school a reekin'.
    Bleach stenched filled the classroom.
    Mrs. Blaileen began to chastise.
    She made him feel like an asshole
    two feet small.
    Oh what a lonely boy.
  • Don and Ronald
    They always stuck together
    For they were a bit different than the others
    And they were as tight as brothers
    Then Ronald moved away.
    Now Steven
    He was year or two younger
    And he really thought he was something.
    He liked to harass other children
    Or anyone he found outnumbered.  
    Alone Don walks from fishing.
    Steven and his friend they stop him.
    They took his hat and they taunt him,
    Pimp-slap him with a newspaper.
    Don lunged forward with his fish knife
    Then ran all the way home weeping.
    He gave his knife to his father and
    Said "I think I hurt Steve."
    Oh what a lonely boy.
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

  • LYRICS: Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver
    and she shows it off to all her friends.
    One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,
    So she caged him up with cyclone fence.
    Along came Lou with the old baboon
    And said "Recognize that smell?"
  • "Smells like seven layers,
    That beaver eats Taco Bell."
  • Now Rex he was a Texan out of New Orleans
    And he travelled with the carnival shows.
    He ran bumper cars, sucked cheap cigars
    And he candied up his nose.
    He got wind of the big brown beaver
    So he though he'd take himself a peek,
    But the beaver was quick
    And grabbed him by the kiwis.
    Now he ain't pissed for a week. (And a half!)
  • Now Wynona took her big brown beaver,
    And she stuck him up in the air.
    Said "I sure do love this big brown beaver
    And I wish I did have a pair."
    Now the beaver once slept for seven days
    And it gave us all an awful fright.
    So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch
    And the bastard tried to bite me.
    Wynona loved her big brown beaver
    And she stroked him all the time.
    She pricked her finger one day and it
    Occurred to her she might have a porcupine.  
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Southbound Pachyderm

  • LYRICS: Quite a suprise
    What an ingenious device
    Boredom encompasses my time
    I don't know what I should do
    Indulging a moment of your time
    Seldom the breeder of lies
    But you won't believe that it's true
  • They take to the sky
    Southbound Pachyderm

    Pinholes through cardboard at the Sun
    Passing the bucks by one by one
    Leaving nothing in return
    Watching the majest blow past
    Speculating which will be the last
    Savoring my piece of pie

    And there is no reprise
    They're filling the sky
    Southbound Pachyderm
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Space Farms

  • LYRICS: None
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Year of the Parrot

  • LYRICS: In the year of our Lord
    Call it 1994
    A fine vintage of mimicry
    There are those that take their sound
    From someone else's Toil
    Liking to parrots you see
    I've seen the likes of Kate Bush
    And Van Morrison
    Teaching the parrots to sing
    Take a Zepplin riff
    And you alter it a bit
    And make lots of money
    It's called plagiarism
    You want some of that cheese
    Just take a big ol' bite
    Careful not to choke on it please
    Now here we go
    It's called plagiarism
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Hellbound 17 1/2 (theme from)

  • LYRICS: Questions deserving answers
    Answers deserving action
    What am I of the populi
    I am but a fraction
    Is there heaven? Is there Hell?
    Is that tuna melt I smell?
    Come on
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Glass Sandwich

  • LYRICS: He stood in line with the rest
    And waited got his chance
    To take his place behind the glass
    And watch the ladies dance

    It's the nature of things

    He stepped into the darkened space
    The air was thick and warm
    He drops the coins in one by one
    The scene unfolds before him
    He stands looking eye to thigh
    As she looks down from above
    Only to be recognized
    As his former love

    It's the nature of things
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Del Davis Tree Farm 

  • LYRICS: Del Davis sold a Christmas tree
    Stood up to 8 feet tall
    Season was lookin' mighty thin
    He'd hoped to sell 'em all
    Here he comes with a dollar in his hand
    Represents the epitomized man

    The boy liked rock 'n' roll
    Seemed that's the way he paid his way
    With the help of Del and them "Doogs"
    There's a bit more joy this holiday

    Here he comes...
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

De Anza Jig

  • LYRICS: Oh I can still remember Jenny Hernando
    She was my little lovely one when I was seventeen.
    I remember the day that she gave me her viriginity
    And then she gave it to everyone in our vicinity.

    Oh I can still remember Julie Tolentino
    The dancing Filipino we used to run around.
    Her and Flouncin' Freddy were going hot and steady.
    Now she runs a dyke bar, the biggest one in town.  

    I can still remember my old friend Todd Squelati
    I watching him snort a milkshake right up his nose.
    He slurped it up the left side. Blew it out the right side.
    How he ever kept it down, I will never know.  

    Of course I still remember Ol’ Flouncin' Freddy
    We were pumping gas down at El Sobrante Shell
    His Mustang was his pride n' joy
    He liked to dance the cowboy,
    Hanging out at Jack In the Box
    But eat at Taco Bell.
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

On the Tweek Again

  • LYRICS: Used to come around here
    To peddle his wares
    A lot more takers now

    The turkey "J"
    You can taste the air
    Around your face

    His name was Barrest Jeffries
    They picked him up twice
    For cooking up amphetamine

    Now he's on the tweek again
    Drinking county prune
    He doesn't mind so much

    So we'd sit around the fire
    Singing "Kumbaya"
    "Kumbaya" I said
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Over the Electric Grapevine

  • LYRICS: They headed southward from San Francisco,
    To be with Chuckles and the others.
    With electric in the air and peroxide in their hair,
    They looked like golden brothers.
  • They drove a Datsun, an automatic,
    The radio blaring static,
    He made a face into the light
    and burst out laughing at the sight.
    The hysteria ensuing would dominate the night.
    From all the candy, the seats were sticky,
    As they were drawn into the grapevine.
    Then "Introduce Yourself" came on
    as they barreled through the gog.
    The demon puffing madly on a mentholated log.
    They were tired, they were sleepy,
    So they parked behind the Roxy.
    Adam left to use the phone, so he sat there all alone,
    When Adam's voice come beaming through on the radio,
    He started laughing...
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Captain Shiner

  • LYRICS: None
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (