Welcome to the poll section of my page. I attempt to use this as a tool to see where we all stand on certain Primus-related questions. I’m always open to new ideas for polls, so if you think of a cool one, let me know. Jim


The Current Poll, started on 9-19-98 deals with this: Now that Primus is taking a break,  Bob mentioned that there might be a new Holy Mackerel project on the horizon. Not that we can effect the his decision in any way, but what project would you rather see Les dedicate his energies to after he is well rested? Would you prefer another Primus album, or something from Sausage, or from Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel? Click here to voice you opinion.


The first poll that I had on my page ,it begun on 1-17-98 and ended on 4-1, and it was the generic question: “What is you favorite Primus album?” The results were pretty much what we had expected. Click here to participate in the current poll.


  Out of 155 votes

  • Frizzle Fry ---45
  • Seas of Cheese-31
  • Punchbowl------21
  • Brown Album----20
  • Pork Soda------18
  • Suck on This---16
  • Misc. Debris----4


The second poll that I had on my page begun on 4-1-98 and ended on 9-19-98  and it deal with something that Les had posted on the Bull Board not long after Primus had finished the Sno-Core tour. Les asked if we would rather see Primus with no opening band playing in smaller venues for two hour sets, or if we’d rather them tour with Korn for the ‘98 Summer tour. But, this never happened. so, we must assume that this may be for the next Primus tour. Thankfully, most voted for the Primus-only show, ‘cause I hate Korn. Click here to participate in the current poll.


Out of 171

  • An evening with Primus, only Primus ........146
  • Primus with Korn.....25