• MR. KNOWITALL by Primus
  • Tabbed by Jim Wade
  • RIFF A (tapped) Play riff three times in succession and then tap percusively on the bass.
  • G ----7----7----7----7-|
  • D ----7----7----7----7-|
  • A -19---19---19---19---|
  • E -19---19---19---19---|
  • RIFF B (strummed and slapped)
  • G -7-------|-7-----------|
  • D -6-------|-6-----------|
  • A ---------|-------------|
  • E ---4\5/4-|---4-4-4-5-4-|
  • RIFF C (tapped)
  • G -------4----------------4----|-7-|
  • D -------4----------------4----|-6-|
  • A -11-11---11-11-11-11-11---11-|---|
  • E -11-11---11-11-11-11-11---11-|---|
  • They call me Mr. Knowitall
    I will not compromise.
    I will not be told what to do.
    I shall not step aside.
  • They call me Mr. Knowitall
    I have no time to waste.
    My mouth it spews pure intellect.
    And I've such elegant taste.

    They call me Mr. Knowitall.
    I sip the aged wine.
    Oh I could tell such wonderous tales
    if I should find the time.
    I must be Mr. Knowitall
    For ideas they come in bounds.
    I am Mr. Knowitall
    So spread the word around.

    They call me Mr. Knowitall
    I am so eloquent.
    Perfection is my middle name
    And whatever rhymes with eloquent.