More than you wanted to know about this site, and its creator...


NAME: Jim Wade (SNAP, Captain Shiner)

OCCUPATION: DJ on WMHD 90.5, webmaster of this page.

SCHOOL: Indiana State University: Art major.

HOBBIES: Music and Art.

AGE: 20

TOOTHPASTE: Sparkle Crest.


 Now for a bit on the hows and whys of Jim Wades Sucky Primus Page...

Jim Wade’s Sucky Primus Page first opened it’s “doors” on Thanksgiving Day 1997. Although it was first started on August 10th. I started the page to complement the other Primus fan sites and official site, not to compete with them. I also decided to make the site as a show of appreciation for what I believe is the most amazing band on the planet. The page is constantly being worked on and new things pop up   when I figure ut how to do them. Although, you must remember that I work on this page for free, in fact absolutely nothing on this page brings me any kind of revinue at all. Many sections of this page thrive on viewer participation, the Concert Reviews and Opinion Section, as well as my need for feedback in the tablature section. So, please help me out whenever possible, it makes me feel loved.

-==--=)(=-=/?MUSIC$=-=-=()==--=-=-=-)(!$ &-=

Well, as you can see from the picture at the right, I am a member of the sad population of Primus fans who plays bass and wish they were Les Claypool. That is me with my Carvin six string fretless custom. I bought it a couple of years ago and it is my baby. I also own a Fender Squire four string fretted. I use a Zoom 2020 effects processor, which I run through a Marshall Micro stack (highs) and a big ass Crate (lows). Most of the bass tab on this site is handled by me, and I get very good feedback on it’s quality almost exclusively. Although some people bitch that it’s incorrect.


-==--=)(=-==)%ART%(=-=-=-=()==--=-=-=-)(!$ &-


I draw mostly comic book type stuff.  I hope to pursue a career in that field (if the rock star thing doesn’t happen.) Or I want to do something in animation. I’ve done some pictures for the page but I haven’t been able to use them yet so I’ll just put them here. The Les picture on the left (as well as the other two pictures) are just inverted pencil sketches that I did in my English class without any photos of the bastards for reference. I have many plans for my artistic abilities within this site, whether they come to pass or not is a different story. Anyways, check this space every so often for new pictures I’ve added.

Other drawings:

>>>>> Ler sketch <<<<<

>>>>> Brain sketch <<<<<

-=--)===)%MOVIES(=-=-=-=(?)==--=-=-=-)(!$ &-

Movies are an important part of my life as well. I spend insane amounts of money each week at my local movie rental establishment to feed my addiction. I also have an uncanny ability to recall movies lines word for word from any movie I’ve seen (and liked). Here are some of favorite’s, in no particular order.



 - Chasing Amy  - As Good as it Gets  - Spaceballs  - the Ref  - The Fifth Element  - Clerks    - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  - Plains, Trains, and Automobiles  - Bettlejuice  - Mallrats  - The Nightmare Before Christmas  - The Crow  - Batman  - Star Wars Trilogy  - Akira  - Aladdin  - both Bill and Ted flix  - Hercules  - plus, many, many more.


 - Tim Burton (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Bettlejuice, Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mars Attacks, Edward Scissorhands)

 - Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy)


 - Samuel L. Jackson (Die Hard with a Vengence, Pulp Fiction, Sphere.)

 - Jason Lee (Mall Rats, Chasing Amy)


 - Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element)

///=--)===)%COMIC BOOKS(= -=-=(?)==/////

Erik Larsen is my favorite artist and writer in comics right now, because his book “The Savage Dragon” is always action-packed and hilarious.

Although Erik is my favorite, Jim Lee is, in my opinion, the most talented artist. He is currently drawing “Divine Right” and it’s always amazing.

Frank Miller’s series “Sin City” is another of my favorite comics to find waiting for me. His style of writing and drawingis completely original and unbelievable. Frank was the artist of “The Dark Knight Returns” which should be an essential book for any comic fan.

Other artists that I dig are: Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane (Spawn), Micheal Turner (Witchblade), Marc Silvestri (Darkness), Joe Madureira (Battle Chasers), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Travis Charest (who knows what he’s drawing now?), and Jason Pearson (Body Bags).


///=--)===)%MUSIC++++++(= -=-=(?)==/////

Favorite Bands

 - Primus (and all related bands)  - Faith No More  - Helmet  - Rollins Band  - The Red Hot Chili Peppers  - Mr. Bungle  - Rush  - Tool      - Living Colour  - Soundgarden  - Morphine       - Clutch  - MIRV  -  Skunk Anansie  - Metallica  - Dinosaur Jr.  - Foo Fighters  - Dave Matthews Band  - Danny Elfman (not really a band, but his album “Music for a Darkened Theatre.” is one of my favorite things to listen to now, it’s amazing.)

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