• Jerry was a Race Car Driver by Primus
  • Tabbed by Jim Wade
  • VERSE (tapped)
  • C -18-------19-------18-18-18----------|
  • G -17-------19-------17-17-17----------|
  • D ----------------------------10-11-12-|
  • A ----12\11----12\11-------------------|
  • E -------------------------------------|
  • B -------------------------------------|
  • VERSE VARIENT (also tapped)
  • C -18-------19-------18-18-18--------|
  • G -17-------19-------17-17-17--------|
  • D ----------------------------13\(8)-|
  • A ----12\11----12\11----------13\(8)-|
  • E -----------------------------------|
  • B -----------------------------------|
  • Jerry was a race car driver
    And he drove so goddamned fast
    He never did win no checkered flag
    But he never did come in last
    Jerry was a race car driver
  • He'd say "El solo number one"
    With a bocephus sticker on his 442
  • He'd light 'em up just for fun 

    Captain Pierce was a fireman
    Richmond engine #3
    I'll be a wealthy man when I get a dime for all the things that
    Man taught to me.
    Captain Pierce was a strong man
    Strong as any man alive
    It stuck in his craw that they made him retire at the age of 65  

    Jerry was a race car driver
    22 years old
    Had too many cold beers one night
    And wrapped himself around a telephone pole.