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  • This was probably the greatest day of my life. My gilfriend, my drummer and myself went to see Primus and got backstage. (Thanks Bob!) We got to the show and immediately went backstage. Primus wasn’t there yet, so we went to look around. We returned backstage about ten minutes later and they arrived. Ler was the first off the bus and he walked right through our area. He is an extremely nice guy, we talked for a bit and he signed stuff for me and Travis. My girlfriend said, “I love the solo that you do in “harold” and Ler smiled and replied, “You wouldn’t say that if you heard it last night.”
  • Next was Les. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood and he walked completely around where we were allowed to go and into the dining area. I was really scared that I would get to shake the hand of my idol and thank him for all of the stuff that he’s given me over the years.
  • Brain got off the bus and started a basketball game with some of the roadies. He’s got a pretty good game. When he finished he came over and signed for us. Another nice guy.
  • We waited and finally Les emerged. He still looked angry, so I was hesitant but I really wanted to meet him, so I said, “Les...Could you sign this for me?” He turned around with the same expression on his face and said “Sure, dude.” in the most chipper voice I’ve ever heard. He signed it and then shook my hand. His hands, along with the rest of him are huge. He is a big guy.
  • Primus’ set was great, although much to short. It was the first time that we had seen Brain live and he blew us away. He is amazing.
  •   1 - To Defy the Laws of Tradition
  •   2 - Harold of the Rocks
  •   3 - Duchess and the Proverbial Mindspread
  •   4 - Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers
  •   5 - Puddin’ Taine
  •   6 - My Name is Mud
  •   7 - Jerry was a Race Car Driver
  •   8 - Shake hands with Beef
  •   9 - Seas of Cheese
  • 10 - Over the Falls
  • 11 - Tommy the Cat / The Awakening / Brain drum solo
  • The only disapointing factor of the whole evening was that Les never played the Fretless six. Only the fretted. Even on songs that were written on the fretless like Mud and Jerry. Mainly it pisses me off because I have a fretless six, oh well, they sounded great regardless.
  • All in all, the day was perfect. We were in the second row, so nothing obscured or view and on “Harold” after Les started the “WWWeeeeeelllllllllllll!” intro I did the “When was it?!” part from Suck on This. Les looked at me and I though he was going to comment, but then they started the song.