• Holy Mackerel by Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel
  • Tabbed by Jim Wade
  • C -------------|
  • G -------------|
  • D -------------|
  • A -0\1h-1\3h---|
  • E -----------3-|
  • B -------------|
  •                   P
  • C ---------------------------|
  • G ---------------------------|
  • D ----------------X----------|
  • A ---------------------------|
  • E ---------------------------|
  • B -2-2-4/2h-1\2-X---2-4/2h-1-|
  •    S S S    S   S   S S    S
  • C -----------------------2-2--2-2-2-|
  • G -----------------------2-2--2-2-2-|
  • D ----------------------------------|
  • A ----------------------------------|
  • E ----------------------------------|
  • B -2-2-4/2h-X-2-X-2-4/2h------------|
  •    S S S    S S S S S
  • For the bass solo, just take the main up an octive and then go nuts.
  • Pick a name, pick a place.
    Chances are I've had the means to be there.
    Pick a date, pick a time,
    I've got it from a friend of mine.
    The ability to socialize.
    Holy Mackerel
    Once when I was young,
    I troubled over imperfection in my knees.
    When you cultivate a pompadour,
    it's best to keep the top up for the breeze.
    Cuts like hell, ya know.
    Sporty was a poetry boy
    and liked to puff his pipe into the night.
    But since he sold him hits of ectasy,
    Johnn Law, he took a decade of his life.
    That's a hunk o' life.
    Holy Mackerel.