• Highball with the Devil by Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel
  • Tabbed by Jim Wade
  • For the bass, this song is just one riff, with plenty of improv and variations. At the end of the riff (the 9ís and 10ís on the A) I always strum the notes with my right hand on the fret board, it makes it sound more similar to the recording.
  • G --------------------------------------------------------|
  • D ------7/6h------------7/6h------------------------------|
  • A -7/--------7/-----7--------8--7--7--9-9-9-9-10-10-10-10-|
  • E --------------------------------------------------------|
  • He came to conquer what he could
    but he held back
    'Cause his tongue was tied by shy
    So he laid the money down and he drank up
    Put the sparkle in his eye
    Sittin' down you saw his paunch
    so he stood up
    And he gazed across the room
    The toxin squeezed the head
    so he slipped back
    He knew he left his seat too soon
    Come the morning
    We'll be waiting
    and weilding the power
    to paralyze
    So we state now
    for the records
    you brought this upon you
    Paralyze, agonize, terrorize