• Here’s to the Man by Sausage
  • Tabbed by Jim Wade
    G --------------------------|
  • D ------------------4---4---|
    A ------------------4---4---|
    E -0-2h-3h-5-3h-2---2---2---|
       S       S    S

    G --------------------------|
    D --------------------------|
    A ----------------3---3-----|
    E -0-2h-3h-5-3h-2---2---2---|
    G ---------------------|
    D -3-3-3---------------|
    A ------------3---3----|
    E --------5-2---2---2--|
  • During the breakdown Part (“Great and sunny, said the man on the airwaves”) Les mixes the verse riff with just continuously hitting the second fret on E.
  • Here's to the man, created the gun.
    If you could see, what it has done.

    Here's to the man, uses the gun.
    Kills all kinds of creatures, just for fun.
    He's on the hunt, we're on the run.
    Is there remorse, when the killing is done?

    Great and sunny said the man on the airwaves, great and sunny.
    The epitomy of a California spring day.
    Johnny and Butch, two young boys,
    looking for adventure this hot California spring day.
    The game today, cops and robbers.

    "Well I'll get my daddy's gun, He keeps it on the shelf next to the dirty picture books, I've seen it many times, I know, he doesn't know that I know but I know it all 'cause I'm a good climber I can climb all around, just watch me go well there I go. See.  Bang Bang!

    Here's to the man, who holsters the gun.
    For it has taken, his only son.