A brief word on the opening acts, I didn't hear more than 5 minutes or so of the Alcoholics, so I really didn’t get an impression of them.  The Deftones were okay, but they sounded a lot like Rage Against the Machine, and I'm not much of a Rage fan, so . . .

I'm pleased to report that in between The Deftones and Primus, a Residents CD was playing over the PA system.  I wonder how many other people there were able to distinguish that.

On to the Primus set:

(This is a general setlist, the asterisked ones are defintely in the
correct order, the others I know were played, but can't remember the order)

*Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers (w/ Highball With the Devil)
*Jerry Was a Racecar Driver
*Bob's Party Time Lounge
Groundhog’s Day
Southbound Pachyderm
Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Over the Falls
Puddin’ Taine
*Too Many Puppies (w/ Hello Skinny)
*Nature Boy
*Ler's Super Solo
*Tommy the Cat (w/ The Awakening)
*Devilman (w/ Beelzebob Cock)
*John the Fisherman

Let me start off this by saying that Ler was the fucking man that night.  He was on fire all night long.  Let me put it this way: at many of the other Primus shows that I have been to when Ler solo's, he'll play something that is nearly identical to the solo's on the recorded versions of the songs.  That was not true for this show, his solo's were vibrant, livid and just plain amazing.  I hope to hear more like this on the next Primus album

Tweekers was awesome, though the addition of Highball in it doesn't seem
so spontaneous anymore, it just seems like it's a normal part of the
song.  Ler's solo for it was awesome.  Jerry sounded like they were
speeding up the song somehow, but still came out awesome, especially the
part where Les is slappin the hell out of the bass' neck near the end of
the song.  Now comes Bob's Party Time Lounge . . . what a song, what a
song.  The main part of the song is not much really compared to other
Primus songs in my opinion, the best part about it being the fact that
it's about our friend Bob C. Cock.  Now, when Ler got into the solo, I
was in complete awe.  The last time I saw him play this song was back
in Providence, RI, and his solo for that was was quick and highly
technical.  For this show, he had a grove filled, mellow, yet extreemly
powerful solo.  It was just beautiful.  It lasted nearly 2 or 3 minutes
i would guess.  It could have been longer.  And let me say, both Les and
Brain backed him up very well.  This band is definitely finding their
groove these days.  I really like the improvisational tone that these
guys have found, cause it fits them very well.  We defintely get to see
their true colors this way.  Let's see, the next "big" thing in the show
was Southbound Pachyderm, which lasted over 10 minutes.  Fucking
awesome.  Brain REALLY was awesome for this song, and once again, these
guys got into an unbelieveable groove, going back and forth, playing off
of each other.  This is defintely the Primus that should have been, no
offense Herb, but we were never subject to this kind of stuff when he
was around.  Let's see, let's see . . . Hello Skinny was really cool. 
Les didn't seem to play the normal D#-D riff, he was playig something on
his whammy bar from what I remember.  Brian was fenomenal for this also. 
He seems to have come up with a harder and "bassier" drum line for this
song that is completley different from the one Herb came up with.  I
think I like Herb's better, but Brain's is cool nonetheless.  Tommy the
Cat (my fave Primus song) was great.  Les blew everybody away as usual
with The Awakening, and then Brain blew everybody away with his solo,
which at one point was a one of Brain's famed One Armed Solos.  He is
definetely getting better every time I see these guys. 

Now for the New Years celebration.  From the PA system we could hear
Beelzebob Cock's (Bob Cock dressed like the devil, because it being the
6th annual Freak Out, Primus thought that it would be cool to have a
Satan theme for the night) voice telling us to count down the new year
while the stage filled with smoke and was bathed in red lights.  He was
brought out on stage by a Hell's Angel on a Harley, and when he got to 1
the band broke into a fucking awesome rendition of Devilman, which was
very reminicent of last years version of Rock and Roll, with Les pulling
out a steady rock bass line, Brain pounding the shit out of his drums,
and Ler going back to his Posessed days.  The song was loud, hard and
out of control.  I think I remember there being some "fly girls" on the
stage also . . .

They ended with John the Fisherman and left.  It was awesome, it was
great, I went home a happy man. 

-Lottie the Human Log