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Sailing the Seas of Cheese

FACT: Released in 1991, this was Primus’ major label debut for Interscope Records.

OPINION: This album continues with the heavyness that was displayed on “Frizzle Fry”

Seas of Cheese

  • LYRICS: When the going gets tough
    And the stomach acids flow
    The cold wind of conformity
    Is nipping at your nose
    When some trendy new atrocity
    Has brought you to your knees
    Come with us we'll sail the
    Seas of Cheese   
  • FACTS: This song has been present in almost every show since it was written. Les said that whenever he plays it, he thinks of Vanilla Ice, because he was the dominator of the radio scene at the time it was written. During this time, Vanilla Ice and the New Kids on the Block and other bands that were popular made Les, entering the major label big-time, feel like theyt were prepairing to “Sail the Seas of Cheese.”
  • OPINION: (

Here Come the Bastards

  • LYRICS: Here they come
    Here come the bastards
    I heard it from a confident -
    Who heard it form a confidant
    They're definately on their way
    There's one with this idea
    Something about a
    hammer head shark
    Nosehairs and flatus
    Best keep your distance
    Here they come
    here come the bastards
    Bury your head deep in the sand
    Anonyminity is a virtue
    in this day and age
    Amazing hand dexterity
    Flagrant misuse of security
    Better run, run, run, run, run
    Run Run Run Run, here they come.   
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Sgt. Baker

  • LYRICS: Sgt. Baker is my name
    I'm gonna teach you how to play the game of warfare
    Suddenly it appears to me
    You got a bit much dignity
    For your own good, boy
    Yes sir, yes sir. 

    I will rape your personality
    Pummel you with my own philosophy
    Strip you of your self-integrity
    To make you all a bit like me
    I said right, left 

    Sgt. Baker here again
    And if you calls me "puddin Tame"
    I'll stomp you down, boy
    Steers and Queers
    Steers and Queers
  • where you come from there's just steers and queers
    And you ain't got no horns, boy
    Yes sir, yes sir

    I will rape your personality
    Pummel you with my own philosophy
    Strip you of your self-integrity
    To make you all a bit like me
    I said right, left     
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

American Life

  • LYRICS: In a town in southernmost Sicily
    Lived a family too proud to be poor
    In the year that fever took father away
    They hastened for American shores
    Now a mother and her son are standing in line
    It's a cold day on Ellis Isle
    And they look to the Statue of Liberty
    For the boy we have American Life  
  • Ong is a Laotian refugee
    He works in the audio trade
    The smoke from flux is filling his lungs
    He's earning minimum wage
    Spending spare time down on San Pablo ave
    Once a week gets a woman for the night
    And he writes home tales of prosperity
    For the boy we have American Life  
  • Bob is an unemployed veteran
    Born and bred in the South Bronx
    He's living off the streets down in east L.A.
    Residing in a cardboard box
    Now he plays a little quit and he has a small dog
    Searching for aluminum cans
    And he holds on tight to his dignity
    He was born into American Life
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Jerry was a Race Car Driver

  • LYRICS: Jerry was a race car driver
    And he drove so goddamned fast
    He never did win no checkered flag
    But he never did come in last
    Jerry was a race car driver
  • He'd say "El solo number one"
    With a bocephus sticker on his 442
  • He'd light 'em up just for fun 

    Captain Pierce was a fireman
    Richmond engine #3
    “I'll be a wealthy man when I get a dime for all the things that
    Man taught to me.”
    Captain Pierce was a strong man
    Strong as any man alive
    It stuck in his craw that they made him retire at the age of 65  

    Jerry was a race car driver
    22 years old
    Had too many cold beers one night
    And wrapped himself around a telephone pole.   
  • FACTS: This one of the singles from this album. The video was filmed at the Pheonix Theater in Petaluma, California, and is mostly live footage, but has an intro with Bob Cock ordering nachos, and then dropping the nachos due to a collision with Ler on a scateboard. Les is featured under the hood of a car with Herb behind the wheel. The video also has some nifty claymation. This was one of the three songs on the album in which Les played his Carl Thompson six-string fretless, which he had just got about two weeks before recording.
  • OPINION: (


  • LYRICS: I just can't seem to blend into society
    I have no hope for this dim simplicity of law and order
    By whose rules
  • I see no rhyme in the reason
    I hold no hope for this holy treason
    Of love and so soft
    By whose standards
    They tell me, they tell me
    Who are they, who is they 
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Is It Luck?

  • LYRICS: Is It Luck?
    My socks and shoes always match
    Is it Luck?
    There's a foot at the end of each of my legs
    Is it Luck?
    I can play my bass for you
    Is it Luck?
    Some gals like to kiss my face
    Is it Luck? Is it Luck?
    There was food inside your mouth today
    Is it Luck?
    Your barber cuts your hair just so
    Is it Luck?
    When the taste of sex is on your lips
    Is it Luck ? Is it Luck ?
    Cyanide works oh so fast
    Is it Luck?
    Polyester makes you sweat
    Is it Luck?
    If a graham cracker gets you off
    Is it Luck
    Love. Love ?
    Is it Luck ? Is it Luck ?
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Grandad’s Little Ditty

  • LYRICS: d
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Tommy the Cat

  • LYRICS: "I remember as it were a meal ago"

    Said Tommy the Cat as he reeled back to clear whatever foreign
    matter may have nestled its way into his mighty throat.
    Many a fat alley rat had met its demise while staring point
    blank down the cavernous barrel of this awesome prowling machine. Truly a wonder of nature this urban predator.
    Tommy the cat had many a story to tell, but it was a rare occasion such as this that he did.

    "She came slidin' down the alleyway like butter drippin' off a hot biscuit. The aroma, the mean scent, was enough to arouse
    suspicion in even the oldest of Tigers that hung around the hot
    spot in those days. The sight was beyond belief. Many a head
    snapped for double even triple, takes as this vivacious feline made her way into the delta of the alleyway where the most virile of the young tabbys were known to hang out. They hung in droves. Such a multitude of masculinity could only be found in One place... and that was O'malley's Alley. The air was thick with cat calls (no pun intended) but not even a muscle in her neck did twitch as she sauntered up into the heart of the alley. She knew what she wanted. She was lookin' for that stud bull, the he cat. And that was me.
    Tommy the Cat is my name and I say unto thee...

    “Say baby do you wanna lay down by me" 
  • FACTS: The second single of the album. The video was all shot in black and white and features Tom Waits with extra facial hair to make him look cat-like, and Les with arm extensions as a bartender pour gallons of milk. Also, there is some more cell animation and shots of the band playing. Les play the six-string fretless.
  • OPINION: (

Sathington Waltz

  • LYRICS: None.
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Those Damned Blue-Collared Tweekers

  • LYRICS: I've seen them out at Soco
    They're pounding sixteen penny nails
    The truckers on the interstate
    Have been known to ride the rails
    The sweat is beating on the brow
    Can't keep these fellas down
    'Cause those damned blue-collared tweekers
    Are runnin' this here town  
  • I knew a man who hung drywall
    He hung it mighty quick
    A trip or two to the blue room
    Would help him do the trick
    His foreman would pat him on the back
    Whenever he would come around
    'Cause these dammed blue-collar tweekers
    Are beloved in this here town  

    Now the union boys are there
    To protect us from all the corporate type
    While curious George's drug patrol
    Is out here hunting snipe
    Now they try to tell me different
    But you know I ain't no clown
    'Cause those damned blue-collar tweekers
    Are the backbone of this town

    Now the flame that burns twice as bright
    Burns only half as long
    My eyes are growing weary
    As I finalize this song
    So sit back and have a cup o' joe
    And watch the wheels go round
    'Cause those damned blue-collar tweekers
    Have always run this town  
  • FACTS: This song has been present in almost every set since the album was released. It is a definite crowd pleaser. Les uses his CT four string with whammy. The breakdown part of the song after the bass solo has always been a place for Les to jam on some cover song, such as “Rapper’s Delight”, “Another one Bites the Dust”, “Humpty Dance”, “The Star-Spangled Banner”, but most recently, he has put “Highball with the Devil” from his Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel CD by the same name in.
  • OPINION: (

Fish On ( Fisherman’s Chronicles, Chapter II )

  • LYRICS: Felt a pang late one afternoon
    I was fishin' off Muir beach with Larry LeLonde
    Grabbed a tuna salad sandwich and I started to chew
    Pretty soon Ler's yellin

    Fish on. Fish on

    I was just a little pup
    And it was derby day
    Was dad and me and Darrell
    Out in San Pablo bay
    Taco flavored Doritos and my orange life vest
    Dad caught a hundred pound sturgeon on twenty-pound test
    Now he fought that fish for an hour and a half
    Darrell'd say "Jump ya sons a bitch!"
    And he grabbed for the gaff
    When we got him in the boat
    He measured six feet long
    I was so danged impressed I had to write a song called
    Fish on

    T'was a bright and sunny day
    It was me and Todd Huth
    Fishin' shark & Stingray
    Out of Bohuas Lagoon

    Well hey, hey, hey I'll be screwed, Blued and tatooed
    Looks like I got me one of them fish on

    Fish on.   
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (

Los Bastardos

  • LYRICS: Samples - “Shut up you bastards!” and “You just called me a Bastard didn’t you?” from the UK show “Bottom.” And Les saying “These guys are a bunch of freaks.” And everyone saying “Here they Come!”
  • FACTS: T
  • OPINION: (