Who the hell’s this guy they call Bob Cock? Well, the easy answer would be that his                                    real name is Adam Gates. After that, it gets a bit complicated. On 120 minutes, Les said, “Bob is a character who exists around Primus who actually does a lot with our webpage (primussucks.com) And we have a band called Bob Cock and the Yellow Socks, which is basically Lounge Primus. And we’ve been trying to get on MTV Unplugged for quite a while now, and we haven’t been able to do it. ( Click HERE to find out how you can do your part to help make MTV realize that we want a Primus Unplugged.) And he’s just like Mr. Vegas and he’s just a reoccuring character that pops in and out.”

 Bob toured with Les on the Holy Mackerel. And Primus has two songs written about him [ “Bob” and “Bob’s Party Time Lounge” ] As well as Les slipping in a bit about Bob in the Primus version of Pink Floyds “ Have a Cigar.”

 Now on to an explanation of the phrase, “The Bob C. Cock Circus of Pain” This was just something that Bob said to describe the Cheesy Home Video. In September of 1996, a friend of mine, Roger Cox ( known as The Big “C” on the Bull Board ) and myself started a radio show on WMHD 90.5 called “The Bob C. Cock Circus of Pain” This show was and is a living monument and thank you to Primus and Bob Cock. The show spent the last half of 96’ and the first half with me at the helm and Rog by my side. We had many special; guests and we were surprised at how many Primus fans called to request songs. In February of 97’ Bob proved to us yet again at how cool he was.

 It was about ten minutes until showtime and me an Rog were hangin’ with the DJ with the show before us. Then the phone rang, I answered it.

  • Hello?
  • Is Jim Wade there?
  • Yeah, this is him, who are you?
  • This is Bob Cock.

 This was followed by much hysterical screaming that leaped from my throat. I told Rog who was on the phone and he joined me in going nuts. Anywho, I have the part that went out over the air on tape. Click HERE to read what was said.

 In March of 97’ , WMHD recieved a promo copy of the Brown Album. Once again I went off the deep end. I aired the entire album nearly three months before it was actually released.

  In August, when the Circus resumed, we got a shity time slot and due to work and college, I was unable to work the show for this semester. So, I left the helm in the capable hands of DJ C. ( Caleb “Da Man” Tennis ) Although, I have been back on the show a couple of times. Hopefully, we’ll get a better time and I can go back next semester for more good times of raising hell and preaching the gospel of Mr. Cock to all of the impressionable children out there in radioland.

  12.05.97 - NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of December 4th, the Bob C Cock Circus of Pain has a new time slot that enables me to rejoin as a DJ! The showis on WMHD 90.5 on Thursdays at 8:30 to 10, Indiana time. Supposedly, in just a few weeks we will have the ability to broadcast over the internet., I’ll keep you posted. I’ve already emailed the new time slot to Bob, and re mailed me saying that he will try to call.