• Bob’s Party Time Lounge by Primus
    Tabbed by Jim Wade
  • INTRO These are the two chords that Les uses in the intro on the Brown Album version. Place your fingers in these positions and strum. I arranged the notes in the pattern that he first uses, but after he plays this part, just strum the notes in free time.
  • In the live version that appears on Rhinoplasty, Les just plays the notes of that chord that are on the C and G strings. the first chord is 10 on the G and 11 on the C back and forth, and the slide down to 14 on the G and 15 on the C.
  • C ------11-11----11-----|----------15-15----15----|
  • G ------------10--------|----------------14-------|
  • D ----9-----------------|-------13----------------|
  • A -10-------------------|-10\14-------------------|
  • E ----------------------|-------------------------|
  • B ----------------------|-------------------------|
  •    “Glad you came...”     “Glad you’re here...”
  • TRANSITION This part is very tricky. On the first note (11th fret on the C string) you pop it and then let go, causing a hammer-on to an open C. This might take some practice.
  •    P        P 
  • C -11/0h-------|
  • G ----------12-|
  • D -------10----|
  • A -------------|
  • E -------------|
  • B -------------|
  •          S
  • C --------------------------------|
  • G --------------------------------|
  • D --------------------------------|
  • A -8-10--8-------8--8-10--8-------|
  • E ---------8\10h------------8\10h-|
  • B --------------------------------|
  • Glad you came, glad you're here
    Have some champagne, imported beer
  • Dig down in your dirt bag
    And roll us out a spleef
    Been erect here now for thirteen days
    And I came to get relief
  • At Bob's Party Time
  • Pack my nose with cocaine
    Feed my filthy hole
    Bust out the dancin' women
    I'm prone to lose control
    And if by chance I fall down
    And bust my head on the floor
    Just wrap my wound in a porterhouse steak
    And point me towards the shore
  • At Bob's Party Time