Our interview with Bob C. Cock

Captain Shiner (my DJ name at the time) : Are you there, Bob?

Bob: Yes, hello.

DJ Harold (Rog) : Hey, whatís goiní on?

Bob: Not a whole heck of a lot. Just sittiní around here.

Harold: OK, youíre talking to Bob C. Cock, actually we are, from Primus. Who...

Shiner: A friend of Primus.

Bob: Yes, Iím one of the guys who goes around and towels them off and rubs them down with hot oils...[ Laughter from DJís ] When they start whining like a bunch of babies that they are.

Harold: How do we get your job?

Bob: You donít want this job. Believe me. [ Bob Laughs, once again we join in. ]

Harold: Well... So how is everything out in California?

Bob: Ah, California is a sunny and fine place. We just got back from snowboarding... We went snowboardiní a couple of days ago and me and Ler went to this cabin and we did, we had a word with the bird, which is the wild turkey. And, uh, my hair is green and Larryís is now blue. Because we drank far too much alcohol.

Harold: Wow! Thatís pretty bad when you wake up with green hair.

Bob: Yeah, weíre definitely losers. Thereís no doubt about it.

Shiner: Was the hair a result of the amount of alcohol, or something you did because of the alcohol?

Bob: Yíknow, itís all really fuzzy. All I remember is sitting there and Larry had a fork in his hand and he was putting green stuff in my hair.

Shiner: With a fork?

Bob: Yeah, with a fork because we didnít have anything else to put it in with. So it was a fine moment and I have green hair now, and yíknow, itís really a good thing to have. I recommend it highly.

Harold: So we hear, we all know that Primus had a new years eve freakout here a while ago, how was that?

Bob: Oh, it was great. It was the first show with their new drummer, Brain...

Shiner: Yeah, thatís what I wanted to ask about, is he good?

Bob: He is, um, I played in this thing that Les put together, called the Holy Mackerel...

Shiner: So we heard, it didnít come anywhere near here.

Bob: Brain was the drummer for the Holy Mackerel and probably for me, he is one of the best drummer that I have ever played with. Heís pretty dang amazing.

Shiner: Thatís what weíre afraid of, though. That he isnít going to be able to handle Herbís parts, because Herb...

Bob: Well, yíknow itís a different trip. I mean he doesnít have the huge Herb drumset, theyíre two different styles, but you know as far as Iím concerned,if it goes through Les and Larry, itís gonna be good. Those guys have... they are very picky as to who they play with as far as drummers go. Brain has been in the whole Primus circle since the band pretty much started in the eighties, the early eighties. Yíknow, heís an incredible drummer, I mean, youíll see. When he comes around live, heís pretty mind-blowing. He is very good [ funny voice ] Very good. [ more laughing ]

Harold: Sounds sweet. Sounds awsome, we canít wait for them to come around again.

Bob: Well, theyíll be around. Theyíre doing the new record now. Workiní on it. Just an hour away. Iím about to head on up to olí Rancho Relaxo.

Harold: Oh, you lucky...God!

Bob: [ laughing ] If you guys only knew the truth...

Harold: We would quit school if we could live on Rancho Relaxo!

Bob: Well, I say quit school anyways. [ laughter from all parties involved ] There you go, a message from Bob.

Shiner: Thatís a good message.

Harold: Everyone out there listening, quit school tomarrow.

Bob: Quit school and start purchasing guns...

Shiner: And Primus albums.

Bob: [ Laughing ] ...and develope deep reliances on alcohol. Thatís my advice.

Harold: You need to do some spoken word on the next Primus record. They need to give you a part in a song where you can just give us some words of wisdom.

Bob: [ laughing ] No, thatís... [ more laughing ] thatís probably not a good idea. Thank you, though you are very kind.

Shiner: I have one thing that you have to tell Les. Tell him that we want another Fishermanís Chronicles.

Bob: Yeah.

Shiner: Is there one? We need a fourth chapter.

Bob: I donít know. Iíve yet to hear of a fishermanís chronicle in the new stuff, but one never knows.

Shiner: So they arenít done recording yet?

Bob: No, they are recording today, right now, as we speak. The guys are slamminí it down.

Shiner: Theyíve been recording since December?

Bob: Um, yeah. Really itís been the last month that theyíve really done serious recording. But, yeah since December, more or less theyíve been writting and stuff. It took a while, yíknow they to work Brain in for the new show, the new years show.

Shiner: Is there any stuff that you want to hear? Well, not that you can hear it, youíre in California.But anything youíd like to have anyone hear?

Bob: Uh, well you can always play the Residents, thatís a fine thing.

Shiner: Ah man! Do we have any Residents?

Harold: I will check!

Bob: Thereís a song called Constantinople by the Residents.

Shiner: I still havenít heard that version by Primus, Iíve heard Skinny [ďHello SkinnyĒ ] a couple of times.

Bob: Youíve heard Hello Skinny?

Shiner: Yeah.

Bob: Yeah thatís a good one.

Shiner: But I havenít found any Residents, ever.

Bob: Really?! My God.

Shiner: Iíve tried to find a bunch of the bands that they covered on Misc. Debris. And, uh... no Residents?

Bob: You canít find the Residents? Huh, thatís very sad. The Residents are an amazing band.

Shiner: Alright, which album...and Iíll buy it.

Bob: The Residents, I believe that Constantinople is on Duck Stab.

Shiner: Duck Stab? Alright. Iíll go find it tomorrow.

Bob: Oh yeah thatís a very important record.

Harold ( in background ) : Tell him to pick something else.

Shiner: Anything else?

Bob: [ laughs ] I... yíknow, hey play what you will. Play whatever song gives you guys big boners. And thatís fine with me.

Shiner: A lot of songs give us boners.

Bob: Well, there you go.

Shiner: Uh, whatís your favorite Primus song?

Bob: My favorite Primus song? Um, Over the Gpapevine is one of my faves, I like that song a lot...

Shiner: Yes.

Bob: Thatís a true story about me and Les.

Shiner: Really?!

Bob: Yeah, driving to L A one night on a certain chemical...

[ DJís laugh]

Shiner: OK...weíll leave that one alone.

Bob: Yeah, Iíll say no more.

Shiner: Alright, well do you want to stay on the line and weíll talk to you some more, and play that song for everyone.

Bob: I can stay for a few more minutes, then I gotta fly on outta here.

Shiner: OK, thatís fine, we can do that. Alright, uh...Iím gonna play Over the Electric Grapevine right now.

Bob: Right on.