(in no real order)
Here Come the Bastards
Tommy the Cat
My Name is Mud
Shake Hands With Beef
Southbound Pachyderm
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
Some Other Stuff from Brown Which wasnt out yet, so I didnt recognize

This was one of those radio station festival type things with 2 million other
bands playing. Primus played next to last on the main stage, right after Foo
Fighters, and before the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Why they would do such a
show, I dont know, but it was pretty cool. The way the venue works is that
there is a small pit, and then maybe 3000 seats, and then they shove about 10
thousand people out on this massive lawn. Well we were in the small pit, whcih
kicked royal ass. They played Bastards, which they didnt play the first time I
saw them, so it was really cool. The only gripe I had with the show was that
Brown wouldnt be coming out for another month, and they played about 3 songs
from the Brown Album, and I had never heard any of them before. I know one was
Beef, and I think one of the others was Duchess, but I cant be sure. Also,
they only got about 45 minutes, which didnt leave room for a big set, but I
was still pleased. This was also the first show i ever saw with Brain, and
that looney little freak had a 3-4 minute drum solo that blew my mind. My
friends and I left saying "Wow, that new guy has alot more energy than Herb
did." Nothing against herb, he was the man and all, but Brain is a loon.
Anyway, the show was keen. A good time was had by all.