The doors of the venue were opening at 20:00 p.m, but due to some
studying and preparing for my final exams, I got a little late, my
little brother got pissed off ,the time was 21:00.We got in,and
the guards did not search us, man we could have taped the show!
I know that this would be a great show, I had previously seen them
2 years before, where they delivered a decent but short set.
The opening act was SKELETON KEY, remember this band, they have bright
future in head of them, i was surprised I have never seen such energetic
and original band in a long time. I love this band, and their drummer was
great, please check them out.

I was standing in front row,not center but to the left,i remember being
in front row center and almost fainted and my clothes were wet of
sweat.I wanted to enjoy the show this time ,so me and my brother stood
front row left,where Les stands.But suddenly an american guy and his
friends stands next to us,my bother said that maybe he was with the
band.When Skeleton Key had played,we saw Shamblin Bear and Tim Soya,
the american guy who stood beside me started waving and then one of the
crew memebers came to him with two backstage passes.I was
surprised!maybe if I sweettalked a bit,he could bring us along after the
show to meet the band.So asked this guy that "are u connected with the
band?" and he says "yes,i took the pictures for the frizzle album"
And i just said "wow",what`S your name ? " Harald O is my name"
So I was talking to harold of the rocks!
we started chatting and he agreed to take me and my brother backstage
,what a nice guy!

The time was 22:30 when Primus came onstage.Everybody began screaming!
Brain had decorated his Drum bass with a picture of that pussy
Leonardo De caprio.Ler was also wearing a Leo-t-shirt,obviously these
guys understand fashion.
Then Les came,sporting a afro hair and wearing trackers,he started off
with a hammeron , on lower frets,it was " Puddin - taine" time.The
attendance on front row immediately started an unison headbanging,even
the beutiful chick who stood next to my brother.Les wearing sun glasses
was stomping as usual and showing of his slap and strumm style
bassplaying.And sexy Brain was hitting as hard as possible.
when the song ended Les uttured"Hey,that`s harold O,I can swear that he
has a picture of Ler`s 5 inch erected penis" we all started laughing and
asked Harold what that was all about,he said that
he has some pictures of Ler when he was playing in a death metal
band,wrapped with blood and chainsaw!(I Will try to get these photos)
The continued with a great and groovy song called "Kalamazoo",and
the again after tyhe song it was story time gain from Les,"Did u know
that when i was in 5th grade I did A school report of Norway,and
i had to draw the country,Is Sardines still the main export trades for
norway?"Everybody laughed and screamed.
then he started "my name is mud",usually les uses his crazy fretless 6
stringer,but this time used the fretted.Great observation!
But I was really impressed with Brain,this guy man,if u would duplicate
the crazy and progressive drum parts of Herb,could u do it?
Man this guy does not even use the double kick-drum,which was
Herbs signature trademark primus flavour.But this guy pulled through,
Beside being very good looking,he has really spiced up the band.
The band blasted off with 2 other crowd pleaser"jerry was  a race car
driver and Renagade",then Les started hammer on tapping again,it was
Bob`s party time!A great song and great bassplaying.I said to my man
Harold that this was the definition of bassplaying and he totally
What i liked about the crowd is that they sang the songs unisoned and
beutifully!then "tweekers " came,and full primus-riot ran in the hall.
I love this song!But i had heard a primus gig on the net,and knew he Les
going to play " Highball with the devil",the problem is that very fw
people in Norway know this song  as it is from the "Holy mackarell
"-album ,so only me and Les knew the words that day,so people stared at
me and Les,Les looked at me for some seconds,and my brother just
the band continued with songs like nature boy and Groundhounds day,then
they played a song called "possesed",any body know which band wrote
this?Then the band played " duchess",i love this song it really has
ska-elements in it,then it was chat time with les again.
"where`s Harold?(he actually had to follow his relative out of the venue
and then stood on the left side of the venue"
"the the upright bass came out ,and then les started playing"cheese"
it was great!Over the falls was the next song and Ler used a slightly
distorted electric guitar,great observation again.
After the this song ,Brain immidiately styrted the drum-bass part of
"Tommy the cat",the unofficially greatest hit of primus till this day,
"it was  quite a hoot" as Mike Watt says,in the middle of the song
Les played " the awakening" the show off "look at me I am Les
Claypoool,and I suck" song was great,people were stunned!They were
amazed,they were seing one of the uniquest bassplayers ever.Then
Brain was introduced and he started his fanous drum solo`s.Great!
He even threw hid drumstick,my little brother caught one,and it
was printed "keep on dreamin`shitball!",after the solo Brain and Les
started jamming they played  Rappers delight,a great bassline,one of the
most sampled bass part (of a song )in the world.When the song was over
,the band had a little break-

It was encore time now and the band played " Too many puppies"
 A great song a Great crowd pleaser,and what a great drumplayer!
Brain rules!
The last song was dedicated to Harold O`,les even made some remarks of
him,then they played "Harold of the rocks",great song and a great solos
from les and ler.
then it was aftershow time,we teamed up with Harold O who gave us
backstage passes and it was Primus party time lounge baby,We went to the
backstage and Les was signing some autographs.Ler was with this
sexy chick,dark hair and a beutiful body u could dream,yes,that`s what
rock`n roll lifestyle provides,great chicks.Then Les said "Harald,what
are u doing here?-Im on vacation"so we all started talking ,my brother
was talking to Brain,ler was having a quickie with the chick(I don`t
know maybe?)I just told Les that the band is great and how i felt it has
evolved,Les told us about the story when the band had to open for Deep
purple(laughs),my final question for Les before we left was "When are u
gonna write a love song?" he just shrugged.
What a great night!
Outside some fans were waiting, Ler was in a god mood and the chicks
gave him hugs and kisses. Ler is great isnít he!
then we left, after talking to Ler ofcourse then me , my brother and
Harold O went eating shishkebabs. It was all perfect!
Thanks Harold!