They did a great show again.

         I remember them playing at least these:

         John The Fisherman
         Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
         Tommy The Cat / The Awakening
         Here Come The Bastards
         Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
         Bob's Party Time Lounge
         Puddin' Taine
         Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread
         The Chastizing Of A Renegade
         Hello Skinny / Constantinopole
         Groundhog's Day
         Too Many Puppies
         My Name Is Mud

         in no particular order. Tommy The Cat was the last of their set. After The Awakening -phase Les asked the audience if there were any bass players around (18000*2 hands erected immediately) and he picked one guy off the first row. Les handed his early-'70s-Fender-multi-million-very-expensive-bass to this young lucky guy, said "please don't set it on fire" and asked the guy to play the rest of Tommy The Cat so he could sing! Well as it happened this
guy, Mikko, COULD ACTUALLY PLAY the rest of the song and looking a bit
surprised all Les could do was stand back and sing ... Style, eh?

         I had my doubts about Brain being not much of a drummer for Primus after what Herb did. And Brain sure has different, maybe more "rock" style than Herb, but it sure fits Primus no noubt about that anymore. Ever. Brain hits the drums so hard that some assistant had to push back the stands every five minutes. I saw him throwing at least three pairs of broken drumsticks to the audience during the show.