Hey!  So I went to the Irving Plaza Primus show a few nights ago;
it was somewhat rad ... here's the setlist, in order:

Seas of Cheese
John the Fisherman
Groundhog's Day
Duchess & the Proverbial Mindspread
My Name is Mud
Puddin' Taine
Bob's Party Time Lounge
The Family and the Fishing Net
Tommy the Cat/The Awakening (w/DJ Disk)

and a little two-song encore:

Silly Putty (w/DJ Disk)

        Call me jaded, but I've seen slicker Primus sets ... Ler's solos
on "Groundhog" and "Bob's Party Time Lounge" weren't quite up to the same level they were the last time Primus was in NYC (at the final Sno-Core date) ... though Les' playing was pretty tight (especially on "Silly Putty"), and Brain's solo during "Duchess" was sweet.  "Scissorman" was definitely the coolest of the new covers; Les was really getting into the song, supplementing it with cool little "scissor" hand gestures for the chorus ... "Family and the Fishing Net" was some weird stuff; Les' voice was distorted almost to the point of incomprehensibility, which was both irritating and pretty damn cool at the same time ... "Jerry" began with this really cool acapella introduction by Les ... but why am I writing all this?  Check it out when it airs in a month or two on HBO ...