This is a review of the Brisbane concert, the first in Primus' Australian tour, which was held on April 9. It was held at a night club called the
Arena, a rather small venue (which was surprising, because Primus played the larger Festival Hall on their Punchbowl tour).  It was bloody hot, but this place has always had ventilation problems and it wasn't enough to stop the more-devoted fans getting right into it.

The opening bands: some local crap acts; one called Precision Oiler
(interesting guitar player, though they sucked otherwise) and another called Fini Scad (if anyone has heard of Shihad, picture a bad version of them, which is extremely scary).  So it was a good three hours before Primus finally hit the stage.

I think Brain was on first, and he started up "John the Fisherman", and soon after Ler and Les joined him, and that's where the concert became more than worth the money paid.

I can't remember the exact order of the set, but it did include John the
Fisherman, Groundhog's Day, Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread, Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers, Tommy the Cat / The Awakening, Chastising the Renegade, Part of Bob's Party Time (the second half, along with something I can't remember), Jerry / My Name Is Mud, Here Come The Bastards (it was the popular choice between it and Puddin' Taine for the encore) and a couple of others.  There was also a really long drum solo from Brain chucked in somewhere, and Ler played some weird solo that was three or four minutes long.  Most of the songs had been changed, either with new bits or different tunes, and that made them amazingly interesting.

Ler was his usual quiet self (he sang at this concert too, but I couldn't
hear him), and Les was up to his usual antics (e.g. he stopped playing while the other two kept on to point out a fan nearby on the stage was making a tiny fluttering noise).  Brain played really well, better than on the album. 

This was the best concert I've ever been to.  It was a hell of a lot better than their 96 concert at Festival, where while they played brilliantly, didn't do the cool alterations they did in abundance at this one (added to the fact that I didn't know them that well in 96 too).  I only hope the come back to Australia sooner next time, Primus are even better live than on the albums (a difficult feat for any band, let alone how well Primus do it).