They played as part of a mini festival called Solar Stomp. They were joined by bands, The Tea Party, L7, Powderfinger and a bunch of other local bands. It was a fucking amazing day, although it was Primus that really stole the show.

It was cool I got to meet the band, I spoke to Ler and Brain for a
while (they wouldnt tell me anything about the new EP) and sort of said hi to Les (He was a bit unfriendly).


1 To defy the laws of tradition
2 Here come the bastards
3 Those Damn Blue collered Tweekers/Highball with the devil
4 Duchess and the Proverbial mindspread
5 Kalamazoo
6 My name is Mud
7 Shake hands with beef
8 The Heckler
9 Jerry was a racecar driver
10 Nature Boy
11 Tommy the cat/The awakening/Brain drum solo

It was a fucking awesome show. Some firecracker went off in front of Les' face during "to defy" so he told them where to shove it. It was also really cool to hear "heckler", something they rarely play live.

Brain did his one-handed drum solo while drinking a beer which totally blew people away.

Tommy the cat and tweekers where the main highlights of the show, sparking the usual frenzy in the audience.

I was dissapointed that no punchbowl stuff was played, especially wynonas and nutbutter. It also would have been cool if some more frizzle fry stuff was included.

But overall it was great.

Jason Graham