The show started off with an amazing performance from the aquabats.  It was the first time I'd seen them and I was truely amazed.  They kicked ass. There songs had a humerous twist to them and even though I'm not a huge ska fan I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their CD's.  The crowd wasn't really into them though, being the first up no one was quite ready for them.  The lead singer was great with this heroic voice he used although he didn't really tallk much, he impressed us all as he yelled "This ones for all the ladies!"  yanking up his shirt around his neck revealing his white jelly belly.  "OHYEAH!"  He yelled impressed with himself.  Then the brought out the "Magic Chicken" ....forget it this review is for Primus.

The next band, the alkoholics SUCKED ASS!  Rap=Crap, thats my motto.  They completly sucked and the worst part was the crowd loved the cocksuckers. Jesus, I was depressed.  The only cool thing they did was have a drinking contest.  hehe.  I hate the alkoholics.  Go ahead become an alkaholic AND THEN DRIVE HOME OR SOMETHING!!

Blink 182 I've seen before and they hadn't really  changed much except for a little cocky stardom attitude change as they showed when Tom braged about having picks with their name on them.  Who gives a shit?  Everyone with any music sense has said they completly suck but I don't think their that bad.  Sure MTV and radio have beaten them to a bloody pulp and their songs arn't exactly overflowing with talant but you have to admit they are fun.  The crowd was insane!  Their songs were all the same and not that good and they really impressed me with their comments on how they were single and horney. Probably gay too.  But anyway,  they got us reved up for Primus!

Finally PRIMUS!  Sorry, I didn't keep track of the setlist but I can assure
you they rocked!  They took forever to come on stage!  I was tortured with anxiety for 45 minutes!  HELL!  As soon as Blink got their dinks off stage the crowd began "PRIMUS SUCKS, PRIMUS SUCKS"  After about 10 minutes we gave up.  We watched South Park for a while which rocked, crazy kids.  Then some snowboading flicks which lost ability to intrest after 15 minutes. More Hell, then out comes Les, Ler and Brain.  Why don't they ever open with at least the beginning of The Return of Sathington Willoughby?  I mean they don't have to every time but once in a while would be kinda cool. Anyway they did a bunch of usuals: Mud, Jerry, Puddin' Taine and Bob's Party Time Lounge.  They some fuck head throws a crushed soda can at Les. He stopped and gave his usual speech.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a brain surgen here with us tonight..."  He came to the conclusion (in his own twisted way) it was the fans way of getting a hard on- who knows?  Then later  the DJ guy and Brain did a pretty cool jam together for about 5 minutes while Les took a break.  Ler was on and off the whole time he didn't actually play that much.  Les on the other hand was kicking!  I think Shake Hands With Beef would be so cool to see live.  Why don't they ever play that?  Ever?  Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep watching them in hope! Until then, thanx for reading!