Here is the set that they did: (not in order)
           -Seas of cheese
           -John the fisherman
           -Puddin' Taine
           -bob's party
           -groundhog's day
           -frizzle fry
           -too many puppies
           -Highball with the devil
           -Tommy the cat(the Awakening and Brain's solo)
(setlist courtesy of Fat Bastard.)
Van Allen Belt kicked ass. Nobody had heard of them, there were 15 people in front of the stage, and at 5:30 these guys come out and start tearing the place up with the HUGE bass sound (no joke, it was bassier? than Primus) and the lead singer spitting out the words. They were really
good. They're from kIngston.
No one else was worth mentioning. Blink my dink. Bosstones should add something to their stage show. Give it more umph. I don't know, maybe get the Bosstone to fart in the mic or something...something. Because it was lame and everybody thought so. No one else even stood out.

Except this one guy from the Alkaholics. I look around and I only see one black dude. I was thinking to myself "Shit, wouldn't it be funny if the only black dude at the show is with tha band, Canada is the land of diversity you know". Well, sure enough he was with the bands. He was cool and smoked me on a little joint. I felt bad puffing with thim because it was a small joint, and being a chronic myself, I hate it when people ask if they can toke off my joint, but he offered so...
Then Primus came on. And time began again. I forget exactly how they started, but they were playing Primus on the speakers between sets, and then it gets really loud, look up and there the bastards are, you couldn't even tell when they started. It was great because nobody was expecting
that, so I got right up to the gate, which was about 30 feet from the stage. It was awe-inspiring. Tommy the Cat was the best version I've ever heard. Ler was beautiful in his sutble but loud way. Brain was beating the shit out of everything within a 5 ft radius. And Les was...God. That man is just too much for a little town like Ottawa. People will be talking about him for years now. He had the whole the palm of his hand...waiting...for the pop of his "fuck you" finger.
Well, that's that. 4th time I've seen them and maybe not the best, but my fav. 2nd time in 6 months. I feel priveledged
Les said he liked Ottawa and that he would return. He also asked about any good hills to go riding. My voice was toast by then so my sickly sounding "Mount Tremblant" went unoticed.
Anyone reading this take note: Primus is going riding at Mount St. Marie on Fri, Mar 6 - I can't make it.