Just thought I'd give you a little review of the Primus show from
Toronto last night. (March,3 1998).
VAN ALLENS BELT- Pretty cool band, did a Rush cover which was wicked.
During their set there were two guys telling them to get off the stage
and the band just had fun with them all night telling them "We're going
to be up here all night just for you two"  The lead singer was going to
spit beer on them but decided not too.
AQUABATS- These guys were fucking awsome.  The crowd was into their
whole show.  They were really entertaining and the crowd let them know
ALKAHOLIKS- I won't even give it a review.
BLINK 182- I've read how these guys really suck shit, guess what they
 1. Sailing the Seas of Cheese
 2. John the Fisherman
 3. Harold of the Rocks (Fish incident)
 4. Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
 5. Southbound Pachyderm
 6. Those Damned Blue-Collared Tweekers/High Ball with the Devil
 7. Kalamazoo
 8. My Name is Mud
 9. Puddin' Taine (cut short)
10. Bob's Party Time Lounge
11. The Heckler
12. Tommy the Cat/Awakening/Brain Solo
Encore: Jerry was a Race Car Driver

During Harold some idiot tossed a dead fish on stage.  Les stop the song
and said "You know someone keeps throwing these dead fish up on stage
and they think it's pretty clever. You know I kinda get the Primus,
fishing thing, ya that's pretty clever, but we really don't want dead
fish on stage." Then gave his usual speech about throughing shit on
stage, then continued with Harold.

Puddin' Taine was cut short because some asshole hit Les with a water
bottle. Les gave another little speech after he was hit. "So I'm up here
playing my bass guitar, doing my job to the best of my ability and some
brain surgeon throws a bottle of water at me, hitting my bass guitar
therefore stopping the song. Now ya know, I don't go to McDonalds and
throw shit at you while your flipping the burgers bud, so do me a favor,
keep you hands in your pockets and enjoy the show" And that was the end of the song.

Brain was absolutely amazing.  His solo during Tommy was unreal.  He was pounding hard all night.  I laugh at the idiots that say Primus sucks
without Herb.

Also during the show there was someone on stage taping it with a video
camera and at the end of the show he was taping the crowd leaving the
show.  I made sure I got on, just in case it's for some kind of Sno-Core

Well that's about it.  I got the whole show on tape and it was an
amazing show. Oh ya, in between bands we were treated with episodes of
South Park, including the Spirt of Christmas!!!