Got there as the last band started and had to wait for them to finish. I
think it was blink 182. They licked major donkey sack whoever they were.
If I'd had my druthers... well you know. They played way to long and
weren't cohessive at all and the drummer could have been a monkey and no
one would have noticed. They really sucked hard. When they were done the
lead singer read off prize winners for some draw and was saying "if your
name is blah blah, you win a swatch" and so I yelled "if your name is
blink 182 you suck shit". Then everyone around me got really mad and
offended. It was great. Then Spirit of Christmas then forty minutes of
setting up/snowboard videos. Got old after ten minutes. Then the boys
came on.

Intro to seas.

You've heard it, you love it. Not on a real upright though.
The lights were really annoying here.

-John the Fisherman.
Goddam there was a lot of energy for this song. Teeny-boppers flying
left and right. It was crazy. About 400-600 people in all I think. Not
huge concert by any standard, but whatever. Les was playing good, but
the levels were pretty bad so you could barely hear him. He was on his
main fretted four string. They played damn tight. Other than that,
nothing really spectacular happened, just goodness.

-Harold of the Rocks.
I was totally into this tune. Les' bass still wasn't coming through very
well. Brain was poundin away. They went into a good ten minute jam when
that really big change near the end happens. Ler was off in the nether
regions of space. It was cool, but they had his guitar really loud, so
he was all you could hear.
The jam was cool though. Then, as per usual, some fucking kids were
throwing shit onstage, and one of them thought a dead fish was funny.
Well, after the jam was over, Les picked up the fish and said "You know,
I know there's this whole Primus fishing thing, and I bet whoever threw
this thought they were being really clever. Wow, that's good, I've never
had anyone do that yet, Primus and fish, that's really clever. So please
don't throw any more stuff up here on stage. We're just trying to
entertain you to the best of our ability, and this just throws off the
band." Well, thats pretty close to what he said. Then they finished the

-Duchess and the Preverbial Mindspread.
That's cool live. Ler was playing around with shit. Someone threw a
water bottle and knocked over his mic. Didn't phase him. Ler looked
pretty into it. Les did a little dance across the stage. Brain was still
poundin hard. The mosh pit finally died down for slow parts in songs.

Les took a brief little pause in between songs:
"you know, just the other day, this guy came up to me and he was like
'you know, it must be fun to be you'. I never really thought about it
before, but all I have to say is yeah, it's pretty damn fun being me."

Goddam. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to here that tune.
This is where Brain really started to showcase what he can do. Then
inevitably, they went off an a little jam again. It was pretty long
again, like ten minutes or so. Les disappeared for a little while. Ler
doin his thang. He did some pretty cool stuff in this one. Had a good
Ler-groove going on. Brain just played solid through the jam. Nothin
special from him. Les came back on with his fretted six. They finished
her up. Everyone was pretty mellow save the kids who are to busy
slingshotting each other into people to actually hear the music they
paid for. The six string sounded a little better. The sound guys played
with a bunch of settings I think.

Les introduced this one with one line "you know, we're not known for our
'Nough said. Played the final line like twenty times in a row, while Les
danced. No stomping though. Brain is a madman.

-Puddin Taine, cut short.
The heartbreak of the concert. Les was playing it great. His bass was
still a little hard to hear. Vocals wavered a little, but it's a hard
song to sing and they only did that a tiny bit. They were just out and
out playing it great. It's cool how Les plays that song. Then, some
fucking moron in the crowd finally got his wish and nailed Les' bass
with a water bottle. Well, last straw. The song stopped right there and
then. "You know, when you throw shit at the stage, all it does is
distract us. When you hit my bass, it doesn't make me want to play at
all. In fact, that's what makes us want to leave for good. I don't go to
McDonalds and throw shit at you (I love that line). So that's it for
that song." It's to bad, they were doing so well, and Les' bass levels
were closer to right. Then some punk beside me muttered "it's only a
water bottle". I pushed him to the ground.

-Bob's party time lounge.
Les played the longest intro for this. Went into a quazy-jam half way
through. it was really cool that they played they played this. Sounded
different live, but cool. p.s. Brain is my new father.

Nothing worth noting happened. They played the song and moved on. Not
any sort of errors to this point. Other than the bass being a little
hard to hear, they were still all real tight, and playing great.

-Those damn blue collar Tweakers with Highball from the devil verse.
Well this was the cats pyjamas. As expected the mosh pit went nuts for
this song. Then halfway through the song, Les started playing High Ball
with The Devil. You know "in the morning, we'll be waiting....", but he
didn't play any bass part to it. Then Ler finished up Tweakers with a
little razzle-dazzle.

-The Heckler
Les busted out the red fender. I was disapointed at first cause I like
his other basses, but then I forgot why fender became the industry
standard. It sounded incredible. They played fairly quickly through this

-Tommy the Cat with Awakening and Brain Solo
The whole concert past this point is all one giant orgasm. Kicks in with
Tommy, and naturally everyone went nuts. It had been a while since
anyone threw shit, so Les looked like he was getting a little more into
it. Then, all of a sudden the bass started sounding perfect. Like really
perfect. Ler left. Which was great cause then Les broke into the
Awakening. I almost cried with joy. That was the best they sounded all
night. Just Les an Brain goin nuts. Les played it so cleanly that I
almost felt like I wasn't in bad need of a shower. Then after pulling
all that shit out of the bag, he just said "Brain". Fuck, this was what
i was waiting for. I love Les like n other, but wanted to hear this so
called "great replacement" for Herb go at it. He just went fucking
crazy. It was massive. No one armed stuff, which was fine by me, cause
he soloed for about ten minutes himself. He just went nuts. Man, I love
that boy. I had my doubts after hearing Brown album, but was ging off
the faith of others who had seen him live. Jesus, the guys an animal. He
was just tearing shit up, non stop. He has huge control over all the low
skins. and that single pedal bass drum. God. Anyways, then they came
back in with the last part of Tommy, only this time Les was more on the
money and the levels were perfect for all. they finished it up and it
was nuts. That whole bit was far and away the most intense part of any
concert I have ever seen.

-Encore: Jerry.
Didn't even give us the choice of a last song. Just played it. But it
was cool cause they were hitting on everything by this point. Les still
was on his Fender. Mosh pit went more then nuts. I made my way up to the
very very front for this. It was really easy. All the little kids just
flew out of my way. hahaha. Freakin kids. It was ust your typical crazy
ass insane version of Jerry. Then it ended. four hours later i made
myself fall asleep.

p.s. i'm not usually a prick at concerts, but I was sick of getting run
into by little shit disturbers and getting kicked in the head by body
surfers, so I tried not to let it get past me. Ever. it's fun, you
should try it. Very stress relieving.