The final date of teh sno-core tour at the Roseland Ballroom in NY City.  I was busy puking while the alcoholics were on. The Aquabats sounded pretty cool though.  Blink 182 was not too enjoyable except for the fact that the Aquabat were messing with them on stage.  But Blink does play with a lot of energy and heart.  Primus still kicked ass though.  They, or I should say Les, opened with Seas of cheese, then into John the Fisherman.  Groundhogs day, Duchess, tweekers, Kalamazoo, Puddin taine, my name is mud, Bob's party time Lounge, Tommy the cat w/ Awakening and drum solo
mixed in with DJ disc and a small jam with Brain, les, and DJ disc, too many
puppies.  (no punchbowl songs)
   I think that is about it for the setlist.  Les gave the audience a choice
between Fish On, Here come the bastards, & Jerry and everyone chose Jerry of course.  Great Show, but I would have rather heard Fish on.  During tweekers Les busted into Highball w/ the devil as usual, but he spoke during it saying something about alcohol. then I finally realized that the lyrics are basically talking about a hangover. Basically, "come the morning" they are goign to "terrorize, agonize, and paralyze" you.  If you listen to the lyrics it make total sense.  Oh yeah they also played Frizzle Fry. 

   After the show I met Brain, Les, and Ler.  They were really cool and I had them sign my Brown Album cd booklet.  They were fun to chat with.  Great night except I puked and lost my wallet with money in it.

Anthony Del Prete